Follow The Leader is dead! The producer of my leak joint and his peoples have officially shut down the record down. I was irked at first because I thought we had this handled, and then I thought they would be happy with the exposure but oh well. Unfortunately, the track is still listed on my artwork and we (G-Clef) remixed it but I’m still feeling crazy about it. On one hand, I think it’s a good record but on the other, I’m done with the topic within that song (autotunes) and I didn’t need a lawsuit.

I’m trying something new. My brain moves faster than my fingers but I’m gonna just run down my thoughts and see if I can catch myself:

I will hate Kanye West and Lil Mama for approximately 3 days and I feel great about it. Certain people that were on the VMAs have music out that I didn’t hear, some have music I don’t get but congrats to everyone.

I used to always imagine quitting rap years ago and getting a wife and a few kids and a job and junk…then watching the VMAs and seeing people that I used to rap with perform on TV…and then I envisioned smacking my kids up or starting a fight with my wife about using all the toilet paper or gaining weight but I would really be mad about my failed career. That’s the only reason I rap.
I don’t like red carpets but I feel offended if I’m not on the red carpet.

What the hell is a tastemaker? How do you make a taste? I want to be one of these guys. Is that like an eccentric word for trendsetter?

I’m not afraid to admit I don’t know things. I still remember the look on my face when I first heard the word “affidavit.”

“After who??” I said. I don’t know who David is and I don’t want to do anything after him.
I just finished mastering my album and every time I play it I tell myself that I can’t switch songs or rhymes. This isn’t like a mixtape and I’m almost nervous but I know I made something classic. So contradictory, I am.

I don’t watch Real Housewives of Atlanta but I’ve seen it enough that if someone asked me if I watch it I could say “hell no but let’s talk about it.” I say all that to say I don’t think Kandi from Xscape is ugly but I do think her face would make a great Halloween mask. I think there a lot of Halloween mask, face people, and that’s not an easy feat. I wish I had a face someone would want to recreate and put on to scare people or whatever.

If there is an opposite of comedy, I would like to get paid to do it. I think I would be good at…I guess it would be making people sad. Like a sad show, I could tell the most dismal, dark, heart-wrenching stories back to back just like a comedian. But my mission would be to make people cry. I guess you would go to one of these shows if life is too good or maybe life is bad and you need to see people worse off. I think hospitals probably have these types of shows already, if not, remember it was my idea.

I’m about to get a lot of money but I just realized the only reason I want a lot of money is so people will listen to me. Any time I’m around rich folks, whenever they talk, people tune out everything else and hang on their every word.

Imagine if I was wealthy and I could ramble like this in front of people and they paid attention or at least pretended to. That would be all I needed. My interviews would last hours, I would make up stories and mottos and tell people “this is the secret to getting rich” then I’d make up something silly like “speak in 3rd person to your employers” just for fun.

Oct 27th I’m dropping my album, and I did it with about $12. This means I got a lot of love, favors and blessings. I’m not shaving my goatee until it comes out in honor of nothing at all. People always tell me what I need to do to be successful…fuck twitter…but please follow me.
“MY SOUL TO KEEP” Album in stores Oct. 27th!!


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