If you’re looking for raw street hip hop from Staten Island, New York, look no further. On Grind Ent. presents Welcome to S.I.N.Y. City features the likes of BakerDon, Fes Taylor, Franchize Frenchy, Bomb Official, Troo Riches, Reez Fox, Stelf Bombz, Haxaw and Double Peezy.

1. Intro – On Grind Ent.
2. Bang, Bang – BakerDon (prod. by C4 for All Out prod.)
3. Obsolete – BakerDon ft. Freshy Fresh, WiseOne, Bomb Official, & Stelf Bombz
4. Jump On The Boat (skit) – Double Peezy
5. Call Back – Double Peezy ft. Crime Fam
6. What It B’Like – Bomb Official ft. Haxaw
7. LMS (skit) – Smoke Records
8. Up Da Block Ent. – Haxaw, Zaya, Bomb Official, Jah-Mu, WiseOne, & Rodimus P
9. Feeling Greazy – Double Peezy ft. Newz, & Bigga1
10. O.G. (skit)
11. Ain’t Really Down – BakerDon
12. Where’s The Love – Bomb Official, Haxaw, Shotta, & Kali
13. Ride It Out – Troo Riches
14. Target Practice – Bomb Official, & Troo Riches (prod. by Dun Eazy for SicSnare prod.)
15. Tsynasia (skit)
16. Made 4 You – BakerDon (prod. by DJ Chualreadyknow for On Grind Ent.)
17. Major League – Bomb Official, & D. Bligs
18. Can’t Stop – Double Peezy ft. Bigga119. Something On My Lap – Double Peezy ft. Crime Fam
20. On Grind Evriwear (skit) – BakerDon ft. D Bligs
21. I’m On Grind – BakerDon (produced by DJ Chualreadyknow for On Grind Ent.)
22. Get Dat Doe – BakerDon ft. Stelf Bombz, Bomb Official, & Lar Murda (prod. by Dun Eazy for SicSnare Prod.)
23. Warriors – Lon Doni, L.I.S., & Fes Taylor (prod. by Killa Mac for Mightee Healthy Prod.)
24. We From SINY – Franchize Frenchy, Bomb Official, J-Maul, & Reez Fox
25. Outro – Troo Riches


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