Led by emcee Rook da Rukus and producer Simon Roofless, Da Goldminerz are a young, avant garde, hardcore Hip-Hop crew who hail from the unlikely West Coast of Florida. Rejecting the status-quo of the Rap music coming from the commercial industry, this seven man army still believes they can and will, make it big in that same industry, by breaking down walls,and getting back to the task of furthering the creative innovation that the art of Hip-Hop is truly known for. They posses the all-too-rare quality of being unified by a “sound” and a “concept” like the classic crews of days gone by. If you want to feel some of the most beautiful yet horrifying emotions possible in today’s Hip-Hop, and want to be mentally stimulated by mental nuggets not yet cracked in the genre, then Da Goldminerz have the music for you.  Buy Gold Rush now!  Here is a promo video to give you an example of the music:



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