Popa Chief, of the Zu Ninjaz & Brooklyn Zu Fam brings the latest chapter to his never-ending saga. This is a starkly original and banging album that will bring joy to any true Hip-Hop head. Chief’s lyrical flows are second to none, and he brings a variesty of song topics to the table. Features from Babyface Fensta, PC, Nyckl and others. Cop the album right here!
1. Eat It
2. Hot Piss
3. Declare War
4. I Love Hip-Hop
5. Wellness Store
6. Work da Track
7. Benge 4 Dayz
8. Fire n Ice
11. Unbreakable
12. Play 2 Win
13. Moscow Winter

  1. tony cover 13 years ago

    thanx for info

  2. Melody V 13 years ago

    CHECK THIS OUT- I just got Hood Hymz thru and haven’t stopped listening to it yet!! Definitely a must have..Popa Chief spits some ill lyrics. Hot Piss, I Declare War, I Love Hip Hop- hit hard, DOPE!! But hands down funkiest track is Work Da Track…its one of those turn the volume up and bop your head as your rollin in your ride!!! Oh man cant forget Choose You, Im still hummin the hook!!! Ladies you’ll love the way that raspy voice comes across!!! And uh Moscow Winter, RUSSIAN RAPPER!!! Need I say more??!?!? I HIGHLY recommend it, buy it, you’ll love it!!

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