Lord Superb breaks his silence finally with this exclusive interview based on questions from his fans on the chambermusik forum. G-Clef, Mowie Kei, and P the Rebel conducted this almost 70 minute, in-depth audio interview, and a lot of ground was covered. Some very interesting reveals. Perb was lucid and went in depth to bring us all back to his experiences such as coming up in Far Rockaway, as well as being 19 at the top of the rap game. And yes he talks in depth about Ghost. Tune in to Chambermusik Radio @ Live365 or download it now here.

  1. CHEDDA BANG 14 years ago

    LONG TIME NO C…..HOFFA @ ya boy!!

  2. Tweety 14 years ago

    Do ya thing show ya gift to the world as i know it it’s time for everyone to see how superb you really are love ya always xoxo

  3. Benny Blanco 13 years ago

    Hoffa@YaBoy my G!!!!

  4. Benny Blanco 13 years ago

    Heard You!!!

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