Backed by Wu-Tang Mangement and PCE Nation, the Watchmen are about to make a splash on the hip hop scene with their first mixtape Assassination Order. The 28-track CD features Stumik of Icewater and will be available in the Chambermusik Store real soon. In the meantime, download the leak track Invisible which is set over the classic Shadowboxin’ and 4th Chamber beats produced by The RZA.

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  1. Jesus Kryst of the EFP 14 years ago

    shit is real got that 90s feel to it when hip hop was at its prime and mcs had something to say and of course over a combination of RZA beats, personally 2 of his best, don’t hurt but to rip these beats after knowing what the clan already did to em 15 years a go while still holding relevence to this day made it an even better refreshing track to hear. i am definitly copping the mixtape when it drops

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