FrontSuper producer Falling Down and Italian emcee Don transcend the boundaries of hip hop with the release of Martial Chronicles. Even if they are separated by the Atlantic Ocean, the New York producer responsible for classic tracks by the likes of Inspectah Deck and Killarmy and the Italian rapper decided to work together on a project. The result is a 15-track album filled with bangin’ beats and crazy flows. Hip Hop is truly universal! Download the album here for free.DoN – Martial Chronicles (produced by Falling Down)

1- March Or Die (Featuring Big Pig, Rolo)
2- Double H (Featuring DJ Spark)
3- Between The Lions (Featuring July B, Maya, Rolo)
4- On Fire (Featuring DJ Spark, La Loggia)
5- A Lil Rant
6- The Paradox Law
7- What Can I Do (Featuring Big Pig)
8- The House Of Twirling Trees (Feat. Clibanarius)
9- The Jargonpitecus
10- Hyped Up (Featuring July B)
11- A Special Woman (Featuring Maya, Rolo)
12- Duccio (Featuring DJ Spark)
13- Blessed Be The Last (Feat. Knowledge Born 07, Maya)
14- The Unknown Soldier
15- Never In This World

  1. Shaolin Lord 15 years ago

    Good looks on hooking us up with some free material.

    I will definitely check this out and provide comments.

    Peace to all the parties involved (Chambermusik, Falling down and Don)

    Keep doin ya thing

    Nuff respect

  2. DoN 15 years ago

    Peace Shaolin Lord, and thanks for the support!


  3. sadddam 15 years ago

    i must say that the music is very good (some tracks are really bangin!) but i would prefer an instrumental version
    as the italiano rap is … (i must regret to rhyme:).
    tracks 7 and 14 are absoultely banging – w/o the rap ofcoz.
    sorry don, but i dont think anybody would like to listen italian rap – except italians:) any your voice is just not up to this music. this is the case when music is 1000% better than the rap on it.

    falling down: your productions are superb, would really like to hear them with real (and english speaker) mcs. or at least w/o any vocal. music is just great.

  4. PROJECT MANZU 15 years ago

    Yo, much much much Respect for Falling Down…
    Respect for ma man DoN…

    ..the music is free, rap is all and the sound is everywhere, we must push more the international collaboration, this is a growth and an alchemist, a way to explore the unknown.



    Daimajin of PROJECT MANZU

  5. DoN 15 years ago

    @ Daimajiin of Project Manzu: much love homie, real recognize real!
    @ Sadddam: so I suppose you have slept on ‘The World According to Rza’ as well, just because most of the MCs were foreigners?! That’s really sad man, as Masta Killa cleverly said once: “the dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum”…
    Anyway to each his own, but if you limit yourself to Anglophone rap, well you’re truly missing what made hip-hop the universal phenomenon of the current musical era.

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