buddhas mixtape coverBuddha Monk and his new crew the Zu Bulliez have a mixtape coming soon titled “The Juggernauts vol. 1”. Peep the first single “Bozz” featuring Buddha himself, Judah Priest, T-Leo, Aston Martin Piff,  and Bandit Black Trash.

The Zu Bulliez consist of General Monk Monk, Judah Priest (Capo #1), Barrack O’Dahma (Capo #2), R.E.S.T. (Capo #4), King Fresh (1st Lt), T-Leo, Rain The Quiet Storm, Matt Bastardo, Seven, Bandit Black Trash, Manny, Wiz, Sneak Vandel, Keith Bruiz Outlaw, Jamie Terror, Five Foot Hyper Sniper, Aston Martin Piff and the entire Heissman Team Black Bush The Movement.

Check out BuddhaMonkWorldwide.com for more info and to cop some ill t-shirts.

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