The Underground Alliance mixtape volume I (Kings County) features a host of veteran and upcoming artists scattered across the underground scene. Every artist has a story to tell so we put it all on one mixtape for you to enjoy for free! So, download it now and enjoy tracks by the likes of Dark Skinned Assassin/Dr. Ama, Rook Da Rukus, Graveyard Shifter, Fes Taylor, Stranga Da Great, Chi King, Fredro Starr, Son Of Saturn, Norfius Da God, Gage of Click Animosity, Citizen Kane, Danga Powaz, Imagine 360, Pleatherface, Maff Maddix, Sick Since, and Mic Mountain.

1. KPAX 2 Ft. Og Buga – Norfius da God aka Ralan
2. No More Games – Dark Skinned Assassin
3. Time Is Money – Chi King, Fredro Starr, Stranga Da Great
4. Nine To Five – Fes Taylor
5. The Sum Up – Rook Da Rukus
6. It’s Mine – Dark Skinned Assassin
7. Metamorphosis – Son Of Saturn, Rook Da Rukus
8. Climbing from Da Darkness – Son Of Saturn
9. Cody – Pleatherface
10. Gramz of Raw – Click Animosity ft. Slaine
11. Masters of Death – Mic Mountain
12. Peztilence – Citizen Kane
13. Horrific Torture – Rook Da Rukus, Killah Rector, Ill Mega, Dr. Ama, Don Don, Block Mcloud
14. Ocean Drive – Fes Taylor ft. Lot-A-Nerv
15. N.Y. Gunnaz – Dark Skinned Assassin, Raw Dogz, Block McCloud
16. You Doin Hip Hop – Da Goldminerz
17. Biological Warfare – Son Of Saturn
18. Who You Think – Omen Ra
19. Sleeper Hold – Maff Maddix
20. Back to the Hill- Imagine 360
21. Everyday- Anyday – Danga Powaz, Imagine 360
22. God Loves Ugly – GraveYard Shifter
23. The Sword – Rook Da Rukus, Sick Since



  1. Fernando 13 years ago

    The file has already been deleted! PLEASE RE-UP!!!

  2. Author
    P. The Rebel 13 years ago

    It’s fixed now, thanks for letting us know. P.

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