Joey “G-Clef” Cavaseno – Jazz Gangstas 1993



Joey “G-Clef Cavaseno has had a storied career in jazz music, as well as a parallel career in the hip-hop and alternative music universe, under the moniker G-Clef da Mad Komposa. In the year 1993, on this release, we are able to hear a band that attempted to unify concepts to form one combo that would rock any venue: something both soulful and swinging, that could be accessible to any audience. That project would be called The Jazz Gangstas. For whatever reason, the germ of a classic musical idea was born, but never quite came into fruition. Cavaseno decided to hold a rehearsal/demo session at Foreclosure Studio, which was headquarters to his Hip-Hop “lab” (studio). He had this idea that he would procure the most soulful and swinging cats he knew: Bobby on organ, Chris Flory on guitar (who he knew from Scott Hamilton’s group), Brian Sledge (who had long been associated with him, after being introduced by vibraphonist/composer Tom Haas), and last but not least the great Kenny Bolds, a drummer he met while playing with Jacquet. And, while this unit never again played together in this exact combination, it really set the mood for future projects, such as Cavaseno and Sledge’s future New Swing project, The Yalloppin’ Hounds. The session was casually rehearsed and recorded in the “band room” of the “lab” (also Cavaseno’s father’s office Queens Village NYC), with the simple use of a portable Sony stereo DAT recorder, and the results were simply incredible.

1. C.F. Blues (take 3) (Chris Flory) (5:08)

2. Smart (take 2) (Eddie Barefield) (7:31)

3. My Old Flame (Arthur Johnston/Sam Coslow) (4:48)

4. On Your Mark (take 1) (Brian Sledge) (4:36)

5. Portrait of the Beast (take 2)(Joseph Cavaseno) (7:32)

6. You Ain’t Shit  (Joseph Cavaseno) (6:22)

7. C.F. Blues (take 2) (Chris Flory) (5:05)

8. Smart (take 1) (Eddie Barefield) (7:35)

9. On Your Mark (take 2) (Brian Sledge) (4:49)

10. Portrait of the Beast (take 1)(Joseph Cavaseno) (7:30)

11. C.F. Blues (take 1) (Chris Flory) (4:49)

Recorded October 28th, 1993 at Foreclosure Studios, Queens Village, NYC


Joey “G-Clef” Cavaseno: alto saxophone, leader

Brian “Lord” Sledge: trumpet

Chris Flory: guitar

Bobby Forrester: hammond organ

Kenny Bolds: drums

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