So as you all know this morning, “Guru” released a statement speaking on his health condition and thanking fans for their support. Which I found to be odd was “him” saying verbatim that Solar (his new rap partner of 6 years) was the only one with credible info and no one else, also neglecting any mention of DJ Premier. Well this explains why,  here is a video of Guru’s Nephew, Justin Elam Ruff, exposing the truth of the matter.

“..Solar has totally cut us off….the doctors and the staff at the hospital will not discuss any information with Guru’s family….in order for the family to change the situation, we have to hire a lawyer…unfortunately we don’t have a couple of weeks, my uncle Guru is in a serious….I know that Solar has been his right hand man, day in and day out, for the last 6 years, but does that not give him the right to make decidsion whether of not his own family gets to see Guru or learn about his status. The fact that he’s acting like this lets me know he does not have Guru’s best interest in mind. It is a control thing with Solar.

On Tues, I send Solar a text message [checking to see if I could get an update on Guru’s status]. Solar sent me a response that said: “Trish [Guru’s sister, ] started this!!! And guru would never have told her he was in the hospital, this is horrible what she did!! Now I need to care for Guru. Peace….”



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