The supergroup known as The Shield Enforcers are coming to stores on Friday. There are just 2 members of the group, Pro The Leader (Orange County, LA) and Masta of Ceremoniez (Albuquerque, NM). Here is the latest single, Spreading International, Audio and Video, produced by Skarekrow, featuring Jus-P and Excalibur;  and below, an interview with them by our own P da Rebel. 

Interview with The Shield Enforcers

by P da Rebel (Pascal LeBlanc)

This interview was conducted by Pascal LeBlanc of Chambermusik with The Shield Enforcers members Masta of Ceremoniez and Pro the Leader. (1-20-17)

P: What’s the science behind the name Shield Enforcers?

Pro: The 2099 logo is called the shield. So Myself and Masta Of Ceremoniez are Enforcing that shield so we are The Shield Enforcers.

P: How did you two connect with Skarekrow?

Pro: I connected with Skarekrow back when Holocaust/Warcloud was working on Nightmares That Surface From Shallow Sleep a little bit before the Monstar Mob Era. I used to make my own beats but when I got a taste of Krowzilla I never thought my music could sound like it did and never looked back.

P: Do you consider yourself West Coast Killa Beez?

Pro: No! But that Movement has done so much for me that some might think that I am.

MOC: Not at all. I only consider The Black Knights Northstar Holocaust and Doc Doom R.I.P. West Coast Killa Beez as introduced to the world by Rza.

P. There’s a few West Coast legends on the album like Casual and Tash. How was it like to work with them?

Pro: Casual is one of my all time fav Emcee’s so it’s always a pleasure working with Smash. I’ve done like 6 tracks with Casual; all bangers. But this particular track “Hold Me” for “The Shield Enforcers” album is a concept track about our perception of rocking a mic.

P. Who are some of your favorite artists from the west coast right now?

Pro: Sick Jacken Of The Psycho Realm and all of Hiero
MOC: The West Coast Killa Beez, Tash, Ras Kass, E-40

P: You are obviously big comic book heads. Do you still enjoy the Marvel and DC movies or do you think they’re doing too many and the quality diminishes with each one?

Pro: not as much as I used to. They made them too kid friendly and their are too many. But I do get a lot of enjoyment out of the Netflix Marvel joints, like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage.

MOC: I think it’s hit and miss – there is good and bad ones. I will say they are a lot better than the ones we had as a kid, like a painted Lou Ferrigno lol, but The X-Men and Batman movies I really enjoy as well as the animated movies.

P: What are you working on next?

MOC: I am working on a solo E.P. a new Shield Enforcers E.P. and an album with my dude Sac One The Bandit Lordz repping our Dezert Banditz crew. Also many shows and collaborations.

Pro: I plan on finishing up my solo album first and then also put together another Shield Enforcers EP of Dope  tracks with Masta Of Ceremoniez


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