Heart Foundation (Fes Taylor & Mr. Prezident) – King of Hearts




Staten Island is one of the foremost places in the rap business today where all hip-hop, rap, and r&b artist are flourishing. Some who are prosperous in the business are making a way for the new comers who are just as hungry to be successful. There are two highly respected MC’s. Fes Taylor being from Park Hill and Mr. Prezident from West Brighton. These two MC’s has taken the rap business to another level by joining forces. It was just a matter of time before the two would have to showcase their skills to one another. After their first encounter of comparing brainpans and lyrical styles, they both found a new level of respect for one another. Even though they were both on different paths, Fes with King Just, and the Shaolin Soldiers and, Prezzie with the UMC’s, the experience they gained from working with King Just and the UMC’s helped these young inspiring MC’s to perfect their craft and thus forming the new collaboration “THE HEART FOUNDATION”. They were connected together by a mutual friend producer of Magic Stick (Lil Kim and 50 Cent), Apollo Kids (Ghostface Killah) and Take It Off (Busta Rhymes) just to name a few. Their hard work and persistence would lead to an opportunity to work with AVA records on the Thug Love soundtrack giving them the lead single. They also would do several promos for top radio stations, Personalities such as Wendy Williams and Megaton (Hot 97, of NY), and, Rosetta Divine and Lonnie B of The Head hitters, (Power 92.1 Jamz, Richmond Va). They also worked with other artist such as Kevin Little, Trey Songs, Heather Hunter, and Philly’ s Most Wanted. Fes Taylor and Prezzie are pounding the streets hard. They have released several street albums, mixed CD’s, and DVD’s. They understand the technology of marketing and promoting all of their products. From beginning to end and all the blood, sweat, and tears, their love for Hip Hop has always been their first motivation! They are truly the King of Hearts.

  1. Let B. Real… (intro) ft. B. Real
  2. Oneproduced by Dolo Mic
  3. We Won’t Lose produced by Hectic
  4. We Don’t Give a Fuck produced by Falling Down
  5. Money Make the World Go Roundproduced by Boo Who
  6. Mean Gene (skit)
  7. Rein On ‘Em ft. Lot A Nerv produced by Falling Down
  8. Paper Chaser produced by Hectic
  9. Angel in My Lifeproduced by Blastah Beatz
  10. Fightin’, Fussin’ (remix) ft. Benny K.produced by Phantom of the Beat
  11. Bitches (skit) ft. B. Real
  12. Leavin Meproduced by Phantom of the Beat
  13. Staten Islandproduced by 800 Beats
  14. Get Fresh produced by Boo Who
  15. What Cha Life Like produced by 800 Beats
  16. Get Money (skit) ft. B. Real
  17. All I Need produced by Eddie Beats
  18. Going Down produced by Che Beat
  19. Rain Drop produced by Boo Who
  20. Stay ft. B. Real produced by Flip

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