American Poets 2099 – Murderous Poetry


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The American Poets 2099 are back spittin’ fire on Murderous Poetry,
a follow-up to their self titled American Poets mixtape.

Members Nova-Kane, Pro the leader, The Holocaust, Atlantis Scrolls, Bootface, Ace Gauntlit and extended brother C-rayz Walz make this album a full on raw hip hop gem. The American Poets 2099 bring a series of notable features to their second mixtape offering with, C-Rayz Walz, Vast Aire, Tragedy Khadafi, Lo Deck, White Lotus, Crisis, and Visionaries emcee 2Mex, among many others.

01. Awkward Fly (Ft. Ace Gauntlit)
02. Battle Ship (Ft. Weapon-X & X-P)
03. Nas Diss (Original Version)
04. Been Fresh (Ft. Bootface)
05. Punch Your Face (Ft. Bootface, Vast Aire & 2mex)
06. Show Um How (Ft. White Lotus)
07. Murderous Pt.2 (Ft. C-Rayz Walz)
08. Animosity
09. Capture (Ft. Weapon-X)
10. Rusted Hearts (Original Version) (Ft. White Lotus)
11. Stike When the Time is Right (Ft. Bootface & White Lotus)
12. Words form Scrolls
13. Hulk Smash
14. Blast Off (Ft. Ace Gauntlit & Weapon-X)
15. Thieves in the Hallway (Ft. Tragedy Khadafi)
16. Tuxedo Magician
17. Return of the Retards (Ft. C-Rayz Walz & Bootface)
18. Conan
19. Mind Expansion (Ft. Lodeck & 2mex)
20. War is Now (Ft. Bootface)
21. Outta Ya Reach (Ft. Crisis & Christ Bearer)

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