fesFes Taylor has been rolling with Inspectah Deck’s camp for a minute. He performed at Rock the Bells with Deck, and was involved indirectly in the Joey Buddens confrontation at Jones Beach. Fes  has a beef with Joey that predates Meth, Deck, and Rae, but because he is simply not as well known, his beef remains unanswered. Does this proove that Budden’s is seeking publicity via beef? Or is this just the beginning of a bigger problem? We interviewed Fes Taylor aka Taylor Goonsberg/Welcome to Goonsberg for those answers. G-Clef, Mowie Kei, P the Rebel and Cno Evil brought Fes the serious questions in this group discussion. You can listen here.

  1. Cno Evil 12 years ago

    Shout out Fes!

  2. Minnesotaslimz 12 years ago

    Whud up Big Homie! Man joe has the right to say what he want as long as he don’t write checks wit his mouf his ass cant cash ya deeg…………Real Niggas do real things! Nuf Said! it’s a shame that dude just catchin the backlash of his own unwise acts…GOOD LUCK JOEY! Them S.I. Cats aint playin!

  3. fes taylor 12 years ago

    taylor goonberg for mayor welcome to goonsville clef tell joe budden i want the one on one just saw the blog hes a lame pt 2 in the am

  4. Author
    G-Clef 12 years ago


  5. P. The Rebel 12 years ago

    This was a cool interview and apparently it’s just getting started… P.

  6. Joe Budden 12 years ago

    FES TAYLOR is the illest

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