Dainjamental has a new album titled ‘Awaken’ coming out August 16th. It’s gonna be his seventh throwback hip hop album released through Chambermusik. He also has two reggae albums in stores right now. Check out the tracklist for ‘Awaken’ below and the list of albums Dainja released.

Dainjamental – Awaken

01. Intro

02. Awaken

03. Serial Killers Memoirs

04. Conspiracy Xposure feat. Stelf Bombz

05. Reincarnated

06. Blinded feat. Stelf Bombz

07. Dooms Day

08. Stranger feat. Stelf Bombz

09. Overstanding

10. Science on Life

11. C.F.R. feat. Stelf Bombz & Infinite Pro

12. The Playoffs feat. Stelf Bombz & Khari Kill

13. Last Warning

14. Day of Atonement

– Dainjamental’s albums list

1. Unexpected 2009 [dancehall reggae] Jake Records

2. Well Prepared 2009 [dancehall reggae] Allmighty Ent. LLC

3. Utopia ‘99 [hip hop] Chambermusik Special Products

4. Masterpiece ‘98 [hip hop] Chambermusik Special Products

5. Legacy ‘97 [hip hop] Chambermusik Special Products

6. Unstoppable ’96 [hip hop] Chambermusik Special Products

7. Joy and Sorrow ’95 [hip hop] Chambermusik Special Products

8. Asylum Chapters ’94 [hip hop] Chambermusik Special Products

9. Awaken 2000 [hip hop] Chambermusik Special Products… Coming August 16th

10. Awaken pt. II 2001 [hip hop] Chambermusik Special Products… Coming September 11th

Also available on iTunes, Amazon, Rapsody, Jango, Deezer, etc.

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  1. Richmond Slim 13 years ago

    I know this Album is fire!

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