Rasul Allah 7 – Heru the Face of the Golden Falcon: Rise of the Shemsu Har ft. Lost Children of Babylon

Street Date: 9-9-16

Chambermusik Special Products presents the long-awaited CD version of the critically-acclaimed solo album from Lost Children of Babylon mastermind Rasul Allah 7. Released last year as a digital-only title, Heru, the Face of the Golden Falcon : Rise of the Shemsu Har, not only features all members of the Lost Children, but he is joined by Killah Priest, as well as Canibus, who appears on no less than 3 tracks. Production includes Anno Domini, C-Lance, Arch Druids and Cryp Mind.


1. My Name is Heru
2. Black Devils (ft Killah Priest & Canibus)
3. The Siege (ft. Lex Starwind & Canibus)
4. May 8th Survivors
5. Reborn
6. The Age of Adamites Past
7. African Holocaust (Interlude)
8. (The Lost Jedi) Interstellar Space Travel
9. The Scarab (ft. Jon Murdock, Lex Starwind & Animos)
10. Heresy (ft. Cosmic Crusader & Canibus)
11. Masked Avengers (ft. Cosmic Crusader)
12. Dangerous Minds (ft. Lex Starwind, Jon Murdock, Judah Priest & Cosmic Crusader)
13. Rise of the King

producers: Anno Domini, C-Lance, Arch Druids, Cryp Mind.


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