The Old Testament is underground artist Rook Da Rukus’s first release: The First Scroll mixtape. Over the years, Rook Da Rukus has evolved as an MC and this is a testament to most of his previously recorded songs along with new music. This 19 war track mixtape is a prelude to upcoming projects being released by Rook Da Rukus in the coming months. It features underground artists from across the world and up and coming underground producers, as well as Da Goldminerz and G-Clef Da Mad Komposa.

1. Intro
2. Take Ova (prod. by Mix)
3. Get Da Fuck Up ft. Duhnokah & Eyeznpowa (prod. by Gold Bones)
4. Shit Hits Da Fan (prod. by Mix)
5. Do or Die ft. Duhnokah, Simon Roofless & Eyeznpowa (prod. by Gold Bones)
6. What Hip Hop Is ft. K Sess (prod. by K Sess)
7. No Friendz ft. Simon Roofless (prod. by Gold Bones)
8. My Faculty ft. Red Sun, Simon Roofless, Xodus & Rizq (prod. by Gold Bones)
9. Boston Anthem ft. Frank Buddas & Affiliate (prod. by Frank Buddas)
10. Get Um (prod. by Mix)
11. Snatch My Gold ft. G-Clef, Eyeznpowa & Duhnokah (prod. by Gold Bones)
12. The Sword ft. Sick Since (prod. by Zambo Beats)
13. V for Vendetta ft. Aztech & Vega X (prod. by Snake vs. Crane)
14. Work Hard 4 Minez ft. Willy Snypa, Simon Roofless, Duhnokah, Decrep da Omen & Goldminerz (prod. by Gold Bones)
15. Warrior ft. Sick Since, Killah Rector, Vega X & Dark Energy (prod. by Yazztrumentals Killahportah)
16. Let Ya Choppa Go ft. Affiliate & Frank Buddas (prod. by Mix)
17. Lift Em Up (prod. by Mix)
18. Southern Slang (prod. by Mix)
19. The New England Testament (prod. by Mix)
20. War (prod. by Headkrack Productions)
21. Outro (The Taino Speak)


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