Warcloud – Smugglin’ Booze from the Graveyard



Smugglin’ Booze from the Graveyard is the second of two now legendary “street tapes” that were intended originally to spread the word about the West Coast Wu’s lyrical giant, Holocaust, by this time renamed Warcloud to galvanize a fanbase for his officially released albums that never actually happened. And so these compilations of earthshattering lyrical styles and tripped-out grimey beats became the only standing testimonials to the true greatness of this underground artist. Featured here alongside him are The Black Knights, Da Monstar Mob, ShoGun Assason and Juleunique. The producer and creator of most of this incredible music is none other than Skarekrow, of Monstar Mob. RZA, Shogun Assason, Cilvarings and 4th Disciple are also represented on some tracks. Included on this first time ever “official” release, is a bonus track of previously unreleased material featuring Da Monstar Mob with Warcloud. *** Audio remastering by G-Clef da Mad Komposa

01. Intro/Dark City Choozer: Grave Roller Coaster Tycoon [One Standard Lesson]
[Produced by Skarekrow]

02. Smuggling Booze In The Graveyard
Featuring Juleunique
[Produced by Skarekrow]

03. Trap Door: Geppetto Strombolli
Featuring Juleunique
[Produced by The RZA]

04. Castle Freak of Bone Romania
[Produced by Skarekrow]

05. The Mighty King of Swords
[Produced by 4th Disciple]

06. The Last Hovering Castle
[Produced by Cilvaringz]

07. Battleship Starship Warcloud Shakespear Cliff
Featuring Juleunique
[Produced by Skarekrow]

08. 9 Days of Wine & Roses
[Produced by Skarekrow]

09. Shuffle Heavy Gun-Powder-Keg
Featuring The Professional
[Produced by Skarekrow]

10. Lost Soldier of Wu-Tang
[Produced by The RZA]

11. Raw Head Spear [Howling Wolves / Royal Rumble]
Featuring ShoGun Assason & Black Knights
[Produced by Shogun Assasson]

12. Vampire Kung-Fu
[Produced by Skarekrow]

13. Sleepwalker Drive-In Theatre
Featuring Skarekrow & Vulgar
[Produced by Skarekrow]

14. MoJo-oodoov: The Dead Man & His Stepson
[Produced by Skarekrow]

15. On the High Side of the Sky
Featuring Soul Brady
[Produced by Skarekrow]

16. Angry Men From The Graveyard
Featuring Skarekrow & Vulgar
[Produced by Skarekrow]

17. Weapon Factory Outro: Gun-Low-Stance
[Produced by Cilvaringz]

18. Bloodline
Featuring Leviathan & Onslawt
[Produced by Skarekrow ]



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Weight .25 oz
Dimensions .6 × 5 × 6 in
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mp3, CD


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