Chris Stylez tha Shadow Figure – Sign Of The Times: Return To Oceania



Sign Of The Times: Return To Oceania is a concept album which attempts to tap into the same psychological approach as George Orwell’s classic “1984”. The album is based on the day character Winston Smith went insane. He begins a suicide letter which quickly becomes a manifesto. It chronicles the day, as he runs the gamut of emotions, from self-hatred, to avenge himself upon the world! The outcome is a veritable schmorgasbord of underground legends, over slick beats. Featuring Solomon Childs (Wu-Tang), Shyheim (Wu-Tang), Capone (CNN), Craig G, Sha Stimuli, Doap Nixon (AOTP), Hanz On (Ice Water), Nova-Kane (AP 2099), Fes Taylor, Dainjamental, Anomos, Big Stat, Swave Sevah, Njeri Earth, Storm da Ghetto Mutant (Soul Kid Klik), G-Clef da Mad Komposa (Soul Kid Klik), Jus-P (Shadow Clan), Nems and more. Entirely produced by Chris Stylez Tha Shadow Figure, this is an album meant to be played from beginning to end.


1) Good Morning Oceania (DJ Tone Spliff)
2) I Who (Tragic, Touchless, Elias, Knight & Rosalyn)
3) Bad To Worse (Interlude)
4) Hate It Or Love It (Graveyard Shifter, Hanz On, Wise King & Nova-Kane) 5) In The Dark (Wise King, Axxin The Supernova, Instinct & Darelle)
6) I’m Crazy (Interlude)
7) Losing My Mind (Anomos, Fes Taylor, Shyheim & Dainjamental)
8) Pick Up The Pieces (Big Stat, Dia & Swave Sevah)
9) Death Wish (Solomon Childs)
10) Until This Moment (Interlude)
11) Nothin Else (Kollision, Touchless, The God Sin & R.Sinn)
12) Warrior (KrayzieNyce, Njeri Earth, Righteous The Goddess & Storm Da Ghetto Mutant)
13) Road Block (Craig G & The God Sin)
14) You Cant Break Me (Divinity, Tragic, Jus-P, G-Clef Da Mad Komposa & Cristalized)
15) I Demand Some Respect (DJ Arkane)
16) Get That Money (Solomon Childs, Doap Nixon & The God Sin)
17) Contra (Wise King & Axxin The Supernova)
18) Straight Up No Chaser (9P Mix) (Nems, Skrewtape, Dox Boogie & DJ 456)
19) Son Of A Gun (Interlude)
20) Pyschological Guns (Nuff Said, Elias, Sha Stimuli, M-Deini & DJ Tone Spliff)
21) To The Top Remix (Briggs, Capone of C-N-N, Craig G & N.I.Z.)
22) Hidden Bonus Track: Death Wish Remix (Fes Taylor & Solomon Childs)

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Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 5 × 6 × .5 in
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mp3, CD


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