Shabazz the Disciple w/ DJ Extremidiz – Hood Scripturez (CD)



After 5 years in the making, and after hearing the many urban legends attached to this album, could it be that it’s finally here? Yes, this is no false alarm: Shabazz the Disciple has returned with an official album. Produced exclusively by Canadian beatsmith DJ Extremidiz, this album is a journey through the Red Hook Projects and the world of Shabazz. Shabazz is one of the earliest practitioner of the Hip-Hop style later called “Horrocore” and he was a founding member of The Wu-Affiliated group “Sunz of Man” even though he left them early on and went on to forge his own name in history of Hip-Hop. Unlike most mixtapes/compilations being sold these days, Bazz opted to put his best foot forward with a strong solo performance in the tradition of great emcees like Rakim. However, this is no old school album, as Bazz addresses many political, historical, and survival issues in his subject matter. The musical landscape is pure grimy, well-crafted heat, which really brings out Bazz’s classic tone of righteous anger which made him a living legend in Hip-Hop.

01: The Opening [Intro]
02: The Kite [Skit]
03: Heist (With A Vengeance) [Produced by DJ Extremidiz]
04: Wolvez [Skit]
05: Brooklyn Niggaz  [Produced by DJ Extremidiz]
06: Article 2 [Skit]
07: State Of Emergency [Skit]
09: Projects Unda Seige (F.E.M.A) [Produced by DJ Extremidiz]
10: Dem Huntin Blood [Skit]
11: The Bush Verdict [Produced by DJ Extremidiz]
12: Police In Helicoptah [Skit]
13: Hood Selassie [Produced by DJ Extremidiz]
14: Shabazz For Prezident [Skit]
15: Heir To The Throne [Produced by DJ Extremidiz]
16: Jewelz [Skit]
17: Headtime Story (Pilgrimz Story) [Produced by DJ Extremidiz]
18:All Who Believe [Skit]
19: The Savoir (Hidden Scrollz) [Produced by DJ Extremidiz ]
20: The Stoning [Skit]
21: The Sun Of Man Must Suffah [featuring Hell Razah, and Aslan] [Produced by DJ Extremidiz]
22: Blood Of The Saintz [Skit]
23: Hate The W***e [Produced by DJ Extremidiz]
24: High Court [Skit]
25: Higher Clemency [Produced by DJ Extremidiz]
26: Eve Of The Apocalypse [Skit]
27: Brimstone & Fiyah [Produced by DJ Extremidiz]
28: The Closure [Skit]
29: Page Two (The Sabbath) [Produced by DJ Extremidiz]

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