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Remedy’s debut album, The Genuine Article, from 2001, featuring Cappadonna, Rza, and other Wu-Tang affiliates.

Remedy’s first appearance on The Swarm album was probably one of the most memorable one in the history of the Killa Beez family. His classic track Never Again showcased both his talent as an MC and as a producer. 
Never Again means so much to the jewish rapper that it also appears on his solo debut The Genuine Article. Released in 2001 on his own label the 13 tracks CD is a great blend of different styles of hip hop. From the Pink Floyd inspired Education which features RZA to the story telling The Ambush. the album is still very relevant today.

Remedy handles the production for the whole album excpet for the last track which is produced by 4th Disciple. Apart form RZA and Cappadonna, Solomon Childs, Sweetleaf, Lounge Lo and Clocka also contribute vocals for the album.

1. Education – (featuring RZA/Children Of The World)
2. Fallen Angels
3. Ambush, The – (featuring Cappadonna/Solomon Childs)
4. Whiteboy
5. Words To Live By
6. Calm But Deadly
7. Reuven Ben Menachum
8. U Don’t Care – (featuring Sweetleaf)
9. Girlfriend – (featuring Cappadonna)
10. Hip Hop Music – (featuring Children Of The World)
11. Can Can – (featuring Lounge Loe/Clocka)
12. Never Again
13. Warning – (featuring Clocka/Sweetleaf)

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