Rayzd – Fear is the Mind Killer (Digital Remaster 2023)



Originally recorded in 2003, coming off the heels of the Neo-Swing movement in music, G-Clef da Mad Komposa’s brainchild, The Yalloppin’ Hounds was “converted” into a new, innovative direction. The band Rayzd was born, which began recording a debut album entitled “Fear is the Mind Killer”, featuring a collection of original songs, as well as some eclectic derivative works.  Based on a “Dune” theme, the project explored various subject matter, and ventured into a diverse blending of styles of music, from all things jazz, hip-hop, acid jazz, rock, drum & bass,  world music, and alternative pop. As a result there really is no way to properly categorize Rayzd.  This album showed once again how G-Clef has, and would continue to innovate modern music, in the new millennium. The frontline of Rayzd was G-Clef himself, vocalist Janineko, rapper Archangel Metatron, vocalist and bassist Peter Hartmann, percussionist/drummer Marlon Sobol, as well as keyboards by Joe Ashlar. Now, in 2023, G-Clef has decided to present a digitally remastered version, using the latest in sound shaping technology. So here, for the first time since its first release in 2003, we present this classic album in shiny, brand new packaging and spatial audio sound.

1. Here, There and Everywhere (John Lennon /Paul McCartney/Cavaseno)(3:26)

2. Thugbrat (Cavaseno)(4:34)

3. Your Mind (Cavaseno)(5:07)

4. I Know You Love Me (Cavaseno)(5:16)

5. Nobody Knows (Cavaseno/Torres)(5:20)

6. We (Cavaseno)(4:21)

7. Hymn to the Aten – excerpt (Akhenaton) / Melfina’s Song {Hiru No Tsuki} (Kanno) (2:12)

8. I’m Beginning To See (Ellington/James/Hodges/George/Torres/Cavaseno)(5:24)

9. You and Whose Army (Yorke/Greenwood)(3:37)

10. Like Me (Cavaseno)(6:08)

11. About Karen (Cavaseno)(0:49)

12. Lost in a Dream (Cavaseno)(5:18)

13. Apparition (Cavaseno/Torres)(7:03)

14. Theme from Dune (Brian Eno/Cavaseno/Torres)(5:18)

Produced by G-Clef da Mad Komposa

G-Clef da Mad Komposa: Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Keyboards, Rap Vocals, Vocals, Programming, Arrangements

Jacqueline “Jakineko” Barclay: Vocals

Peter Hartmann: Vocals, Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass

Archangel Metatron: Rap Vocals

Marlon Sobol: Drums, Percussions, Vocals

Joe Ashlar: Keyboards

Max Cavaseno: Rap Vocals, Background Vocals

Lee Hogans: Trumpet

Brian “Lord” Sledge: Pocket Trumpet

J. Walter Hawkes: Trombone

Mark McGowan: Trumpet

Michael Seropyan: Tenor Saxophone

DJ Jase Mason: Turntables

Melissa Kate: Background Vocals

Mowie Kei: Background Vocals

Additional information

Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 5 × 6 × .5 in
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mp3, CD


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