Buddha Monk – Zu Chronicles 4 (Da Manchuz)



Executive Producer Buddha Monk brings forth his latest Zu Chronicle, from the Wu-Tang affiliated Brooklyn Zu Chamber associated with the late great Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Da Manchuz are an offshoot Wu-Tang affiliated crew hailing out of Brooklyn, New York. Rappers Babyface Fensta, Drunken Dragon, Born U Majesty, Chilli Black, Spiritual Assassin (G-Note$), Delta One, War, and Buddha Monk himself had one of one of the hottest, most talented underground crews in all of Hip-Hop, but like so many great groups, their album never actually saw the light of day. But for fans of that classic, grimy, 1990’s East Coast Hip-Hop sound, Chambermusik Special Products/ Duck-Lo Records have finally made it possible for fans to hear this classic time capsule. Also featured here are a lineup of great emcees andvocalists such as Dungeon Masta, Lazah Life, Grime, Lil Vicious, Popa Chief, Polladon, Etcetera, Juice, Redz, Raw, Rambo, Preach and others. Beats are provided by the usual Bklyn Zu Elements of Buddha Monk, Marcus Logan, and Mr. Tibbs. Here and now, for the very first time, we present to you the Great Manchuz Dynasty!

1. Q The Song – ft Q & Buddha Monk (pro. by Monk)
2. Boxing Champ – ft Polladon (pro. by Monk)
3. Miscommunication – ft Buddha Monk, Drunken Dragon, Dungeon Masta, Born U Majesty, Delta One (pro. by Monk)
4. Problems  ft Buddha Monk, Majdegon, Lazah Life, Dunn Verbal, Redz, Drunken Dragon (pro. by Monk)
5. Who Want to Battle? – ft Drunken Dragon (pro. by Monk)
6. Man Down  ft I Born, Spiritual Assassin, Drunken Dragon, Redz, Pooa (pro by Mr Tibbs)
7. That Life Shit – ft Etcetera
8. Pow Wow – ft Popa Chief (pro by Monk)
9. Jump – ft Juice (pro by Monk)
10. G.P. – ft Polladon (pro. by Monk)
11. Roaches  ft Buddha Monk, Redz, Raw, Rambo, and Malik (pro. by Monk)
12. Your Tracks Ain’t Hot – ft Raw and Rambo (pro. by Monk)
13. The Get Down – ft. Dee, Spiritual Assassin, Babyface Fensta, Q-Plex (pro. by Monk)
14. Mongolian Wars  ft Drunken Dragon, Manley Musa, Spiritual Assassin, Babyface Fensta (pro. By Marcus Logan)
15. Baby Babe – ft Grime (pro. by La)
16. Ain’t no Woman Like the One I Got – ft Preach, Popa Chief, & Babyface Fensta (pro. by Monk)
17. Paco’s Kid – ft Buddha Monk, Lite & Redz (pro by Monk)
18. Bang – ft Q-Plex, Redz, & Babyface Fensta (pro. by Monk)
19. Zu Keep Gettin’ Me High – ft Lazah Life, Redz, Lil Vicious, Babyface Fensta (pro by Mr Tibbs)

Executive Producer: Buddha Monk
Project Coordinator: G-Clef da Mad Komposa

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Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × .5 in
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mp3, CD


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