American Poets 2099 Vs. Mysterious: The World Of Tomorrow



American Poets 2099 is a West Coast Hip-Hop group that have been making noise for awhile now. The most prominent members being two idiosyncratic legends named Holocaust (Warcloud) and C-Rayz Walz. Filling out the crew are Pro the Leader, who since he was young, has been known as the central protege of Holocaust, along with his partner in crime Nova-Kane, Bootface, Atlantis Scrolls, and Ace Gauntlit. After the world is flooded over & the continents reemerge The British group Mysterious consisting of Weapon-X, X-P, Excalibur & Blackksun join forces with the poets to save what is left of Hip-Hop. Hard hitting production & that classic back to back rap style keeps the Mysterious Poets at the forefront of the future’s Hip-Hop scene. Nothing is lost in translation & there are no borders to what these two groups can collectively create. The American Poets 2099 Vs. Mysterious: The World Of Tomorrow is tomorrows Hip Hop today!
1. Intro
Produced By: X-P
2. Leap of Faith- Ace Gauntlit, Bootface, BlackkSun, Excalibur & Nova-Kane Produced By. Excalibur
3. Seen It Coming a Mile Away- Pro The Leader & Excalibur Produced By: Excalibur
4. I Only- Pro The Leader, Weapon-X, Nova-Kane, Excalibur, X-P & Blackksun Produced By: Excalibur
5. Mercernaries- X-P, BootFace, Excalibur & Ace Gauntlit Produced By: Excalibur
6. Castoffs- Bootface, Excalibur, Blackksun, Irie-1, Ace Gauntlit & Maim-1 Produced By: Excalibur
7. Dark Stormz pt.2- Bootface, Pro The Leader, Weapon-X, Holocaust & Nova-Kane Produced By: X-P
8. Alliance- Holocaust, Weapon-X, Bootface & Pro The Leader Produced By: X-P
9. AnyTime- Holocaust, Pro The Leader, Excalibur, X-P, Nova-Kane, Weapon-X, Bootface & Ace Gauntlit Produced By: Excalibur
10. Yet To Die- Holocaust, Nova-Kane, C-Rayz Walz, Weapon-X, Blackksun, Pro The Leader, Bootface, Excalibur & X-P Produced By: Excalibur
11. Battleship- Weapon-X, Pro The Leader, X-P & Nova-Kane Produced by: X-P
12. Final Product- Excalibur, Nova-Kane, Blackksun & X-P Produced by: X-P
13. Distant Refugee- Pro The Leader , Irie-1 & Krypton Produced By: X-P
14. Outro- Pro The Leader, Weapon-X, Holocaust, Bootface, Excalibur, Nova-Kane, Blackksun, Irie-1, X-P, Red Touch Uno, Ace Gauntlit, Atlantis Scrolls & C-Rayz Walz Produced By: X-P
Bonus Tracks
15. Dark Stormz pt.1- Bootface, Pro The Leader, Weapon-X, Nova-Kane & Holocaust Produced By: X-P
16. Sharpe Splinters- Holocaust, Pro The Leader, Weapon-X & Dopestyle Produced By: X-P

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Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 5 × 6 × .5 in
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mp3, CD


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