American Poets 2099 Vs. Mysterious: The World Of Tomorrow 2




Southern California based group The American Poets 2099 once again team up with Mysterious from the UK to bring that raw underground talent that the Hip Hop scene has been missing. The W.O.T.2 takes up right where the last one left off, with the entire album being produced by Weapon-X,  X-P and  Excalibur. Still involved on this album is the one and only Holocaust from the West Coast Killa Beez.  Pro The Leader is heading  the musical direction for this album featuring a high dose of action packed beats and Hard hitting lyrics. The Only outside help they recruited for this album is Wu Tang Clans Papi Wardrobe aka  Cappadonna on the track and first single entitled Can’t Fight us Off The Mic. With Pro The Leader, Holocaust, Nova-Kane ,Bootface, Irie-1, Scrolls and Ace Rounding  the bases for the American Poets. Blackksun, Weapon-X, X-P, Excalibur and Introducing Omega Red and Assasin Lone Wolf  Hold it down for The Mysterious side of things. This albums gives us a glimpse into The World Of Tomorrow.

1. Intro
Prod: Excalibur
2. Highest Star
Prod: Excalibur and Weapon-X
3. P-40
Prod: X-P
4. Hunters
Prod: Excalibur
5. Back For Revenge
Prod: Weapon-X
6. Light Years
Prod: X-P
7. Wolf Brigade
Prod: Weapon-X
8. Without You
Prod: Excalibur
9. Unforeseen Repercussions
Prod: Excalibur
10. Reaping The Benefits
Prod: Weapon-X
11. Assassins
Prod: Excalibur
12. Can’t Fight us Off The mic feat Cappadonna
13. Tomorrow’s Soul
Prod: Excalibur
14. Poison In The Water
Prod: Excalibur
15. Entitled
Prod: Excalibur
16. The World Of Tomorrow At Your Door
Produced By Excalibur and X-P
17. Outro
Prod: Excalibur

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Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 5 × 6 × .5 in
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mp3, CD


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