Perhaps for some reason you don’t already know that Lot-A-Nerv is one of the hottest up and coming hip hop artists. Dude can spit rhymes that’ll leave you flatline and sing catchy hooks too, he’s the total package. Leslan Muzik will soon release his debut album and to make sure fans won’t be shocked when it will be hailed as a classic, he decided to give away 18 tracks and titled this offering “Before I Drop On My Last Nerv”. Download it here for free and check out those in-studio videos as well.



  1. AMAMI 14 years ago

    AAAAAYYYYYYEEE!!!!!! Lotta Pinchin Nerves wit a flow manz neva Known!!!!! I see u My G’Z!!! A

  2. Tamia 14 years ago

    Always Support you, cuz!!!!!

  3. Cecile (Momager) 14 years ago

    You know it’s about that time to make it…LOL Your mix tape is the bottom line!!!

  4. blaster side 14 years ago

    this mixtape is good , chamber music forever , peace

  5. Lana 14 years ago

    Love it keep Doing what you do

  6. takischa 14 years ago

    Yo Lot-a you the truth I got you …

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