The new mixtape album, Featuring Chi King, Prodigal Sunn, Killah Priest, Rayson, 12 O’ Clock, Rustee Juxx, Louieville Slugga, Rasul Allah, 60 Second Assassin and others is now in the Chambermusik Store

01: Legend
[Performed by Killah Priest]
02: Don’t Make Sense
[Performed by Lord Superb, Kozy, Killa Kai, and Mally G]
03: Double Up
[Performed by 12 O’Clock]
04: Bodied (Interlude)
05: Warrior
[Performed by Victorious]
06: Born 2 Rule
[Performed by Tragic Allies]
07: Illuminati
[Performed by Killah Priest, and Rasul Allah]
08: Hip Hop Junkies
[Performed by FOUL, Tspaz, Ruste Juxx, and Louisville Sluggah]
09: Esbe – Issac Haze (Interlude)
10: Road 2 Riches
[Performed by 2 on Da Road (Prodigal Sunn, and 12 O’Clock)]
11: Last of a Nation
[Performed by Killah Priest, and Rasul Allah]
12: Might Wanna
[Performed by FOUL]
13: War Melody
[Performed by Tragic Allies]
14: Riot (Interlude)
15: Bigger Thoughts
[Performed by Science, and Math]
16: Forgive Me
[Performed by Purpose]
17: Divine, I.C. King
[Performed by Sha Dulla]
18: Esbe Meth (Interlude)
19: Rollin
[Performed by Killah Priest, and Vendetta Kingz]
20: Sunshine
[Performed by I.S.R]
21: Thoro Tracks (Interlude)
22: The World
[Performed by Prodigal Sunn, 60 Second Assassin, and Young Masta]
23: True Mediate
[Performed by Killah Priest]
24: Shut Ya Trap
[Performed by Iceman, 12 O’Clock, Rayson, Chi-King, and Prodigal Sunn]

Price: $8–dsh–WOOOL/Detail

  1. Highest 15 years ago

    I got this cd already. Dope.

  2. 2 for 5 15 years ago

    Woool really stepped it up! beatz are fire!

  3. Analyzer 15 years ago

    we want Mp3 Sales ON CM !!!!When will u start facing the future

  4. G-Clef 15 years ago

    we had a poll about this, and our members voted it down. We would love to offer digital versions!

  5. 2 for 5 15 years ago

    Already got this directly from Woool, pure heat! Don’t sleep! Tragic Allies killing it.

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