The American Poets 2099 rep from the West Coast and bring forth the freshest new movement from the underground Rap scene. Pro the Leader, Nova-Kane, and Atlantis Scrolls are rounded out by West Coast Wu-Tang Veteran/Cult Hero Holocaust (aka Warcloud) for some musical adventures that could have been straight out of a comic book classic! Featured guests include Wu-Tang veterans Cappadonna, Killah Priest, Timbo King, Solomon Childs, as well as underground Hip-Hop legend C-Rayz Walz. The backdrop comes via Canadian freshman producer White Lotus. This album is released today in all stores, but you can cop it here right now for only $12. Chambermusikstore

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  1. 13 years ago

    Some dope underground hip hop, listening to some of the deep $hit blazing on dis album. Sho

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