The Reccollectah and Dark 7 Invader at recently conducted an interview with Icewater’s own Stumik. The Staten All-Star discussed his upcoming projects, his affiliation with the Clan and new movements.

For those that are interested in all things Wu related, the name Stumik will definitely ring a bell. For the ones who are wondering who Stumik might be, the name Ice Water Inc might help to place Stumik in Rae’s camp. After Raekwon’s American Cream Team folded, former AMC’er Polite started a new crew with amongst others Stumik. Fans first got to hear them officially on Raekwon’s third album “The Lex Diamond Story” with the track “Robbery”. Those that wanted to hear more had to wait 4 years to hear their debut album, presented by Raekwon and featuring amongst others Busta Rhymes, Rae, Method Man, Rick Ross and Pimp C. Since then another 4 rather silent years have passed : we saw Stumik appear on the album of his crew member Hanz On in 2009 and last year he released the Mixtape “Who’s eating Vol.1” .

But it seems Stumik is now gearing up to give us more: soon he’ll be releasing “Who’s Eating Vol.2” plus an EP in the near future with his new BOP movement, he’s preparing two solo albums and also working alongside Fes Taylor in the Staten All Stars crew. So Wu-International sat down with Stumik to talk about all these upcoming projects , to look back at the early Ice Water Inc days and to look at it’s future as we learned the crew got back in the studio and is preparing a second album as we speak. Enjoy !!!

I like to say thanks first and foremost for taking the time to answer these questions, highly appreciated, and will also point out that nothing will be altered, edited or changed when this is published online.

Wu-International: Peace Stumik, how are you?
Stumik: I’m good, thanks

Wu-International: For those that don’t know who Stumik is, can you introduce yourself a bit?
Stumik: My name is Stumik, and I’m from the group IceWater, put together by Raekwon the Chef. .

Wu-International: Why did you choose the name Stumik? And do you have other aliases you go by?
Stumik: I got the name from Raekwon known for being hungry and very humble. They call me Draft and Dot Dot Goose.

Wu-International: How did MC’ing start up for you personally, were you part of another group, a solo artist or was Ice Water your first entrance as an mc into the hip-hop world?
Stumik: I started off in the 9th grade being part of a group called the Dark Hearted Bastards, consisting of me, Dramadeus, and Spank.

Wu-International: What ever happened to the Dark Hearted Bastards?
Stumik: Spank ended up moving out of town so me and Dramadeus started working on our solo careers and a few years later Dramadeus passed away. RIP to my nigga Dramadeus.

Wu-International: We became aware of you through Raekwon’ s Ice Water group, Can you please take us through the whole starting point of Ice Water Inc, how you all came together and your involvement etc?
Stumik: In 2002, Polite had a solo deal and decided to put it on hold and team up with me and Cigars to form the group IceWater.

Wu-International: Can you tell us some more about this formation, for instance where did Polite know you and Cigars from ?
Stumik: We all grew up in the same neighborhood, Park Hill, together.

Wu-International: It was said the group was initially know just as “Ice Age” around 2000, how true is this and why the name change?
Stumik: This isn’t true, the group was never called Ice Age

Wu-International: Was the group called Ice water Inc right from the beginning or did it go through different name changes?
Stumik: Yes it was called Ice Water Inc from the beginning

Wu-International: There was some confusion when it comes to the original line up and members. We hope you can help us out here: Some fans think Cigar is the same person as DC?
Stumik: Cigars is not the same person as DC, Cigars was in the original group and DC came along later on down the line.

Wu-International: Thanks for clearing that up. Can you share with us why Cigars left the group and how and when DC and PC joined Ice Water Inc?
Stumik: Cigars left the group for personal reasons then PC came along through Polite and then PC brought along his little brother, DC, and we all became known as Ice Water

Wu-International: The group recorded a lot of songs for “The Lex Diamond Story” but as seen from the advanced and retail versions, some of the songs never made the final cut, any reason for this?
Stumik: Yes, because we decided to keep some of the songs for our album Polluted Water.

Wu-International: Can you give us any examples of songs that ended up on Polluted Water?
Stumik: We had Knuckle Up featuring Pimp C was a song that Rae previously recorded and allowed us to use it for our album.

Wu-International: One would have hoped/expected the group’s debut to follow shortly after the introduction on “Lex”. But unfortunately it still took four more years to release the debut album. What was the reason for this?
Stumik: We were still going through the trenches and figuring out the right way to market ourselves.

Wu-International: Going through the trenches in what way: finding a label?
Stumik: We were still shopping the project to different labels to see which one would best benefit us and Babygrande was the label we chose to release the album on.

Wu-International: How well did you think the album was received by the fans and looking back is there anything you would have done differently?
Stumik: I think the fans received it very well and if it was one thing that I can change it would’ve been the first single, instead of it being Animal it would’ve been I’m a Boss feat Rick Ross and Raekwon.

Wu-International: Interesting, any specific reason why you’d change that first single choice?
Stumik: Yes because at the time Rick Ross was on top and it would’ve been easier for us to get radio spins being that we had him and Rae on the song.

Wu-International: Rae presented and acted as executive producer for that project, people are still not sure if he was just presenting the project or was also part of the group, can you confirm his role and responsibilities within Ice Water Inc please?
He did present the project but no he wasn’t a member of the group.

Wu-International: After Lex Diamond, the fans were surprised not to see Ice H2O Inc members featured on most of Rae’s project like “OB4CL 2”, and his latest “Shaolin Vs. Wu-tang”, was there any reason for this?
Stumik: No there wasn’t

Wu-International: You did inform us a while ago that Ice Water had reunited and was planning a second album. Did the group ever split up and if so, what caused the split?
Stumik: No the group never split up. We all just started working on our solo careers

Wu-International: What made the group get back again you think?
Stumik: I think it was just time for us to do another album together

Wu-International: So when you say Ice Water are back again, can you please tell us the current line-up of its members and Hanz On’s role within the group as he was not initially part of the original formation?
The current line-up consists of Stumik, Polite, DC, PC and Hanz On.

Wu-International: When and how did Hanz On get to join the group?
Hanz joined the group when he came home from prison. He was always our brother, he just was incarcerated at the time of the group’s formation.

Wu-International: Have you all started recording already or is the project rather still embryonic at the moment?
Stumik: We started recording already.

Wu-International: How much songs would you say are 100% done at the moment?
Stumik: So far we got like five songs recorded for the album

Wu-International: Will Rae be presenting the album again (and featured) or will the group mainly go at it on their own this time?
Stumik: We’re going to present it to Rae to see if he’ll present it and hopefully yes he’ll be featured.

Wu-International: Can fans expect a major change from this second album and if so in what direction?
Stumik: This album is more us and less featured artists

Wu-International: Would the Ice Water Production team that delivered on OBFCL II be involved in the production of this album as well?
Stumik: Yes

Wu-International: Can you give us some more info on this production team, who’s in it exactly?
Stumik: We all have our personal producers who are involved in this team. My team consists of GoldHands, Big Hak, Cee the Architecht, Marvy Productions, Follow Me, DG Berlin and Haki Bela.

Wu-International: So that is your team, any other names on the production team outside your team?
Stumik: As of right now, no.

Wu-International: We are always asking artists we interview to see how they see themselves in connection to the Wu regardless of who the fans think is Wu, being part of Rae’s Chamber, do you consider yourselves Wu-Tang Killa beez or affiliates of some sort or totally prefer not to be associated with this?
Stumik: Every member in the Wu is like a big brother to me so i consider myself to be a Killa Bee and a Wu affiliate

Wu-International: The reason most will associate you with Wu is due to the common knowledge that only RZA and the generals among others have the power to affiliate artists with the Wu-Tang movement, and Ice Water comes under Rae, so naturally you are seen as affiliates, some would say this is a blessing and others say a curse, what are your views in this respect being associated with hip-hop’s royal legacy?
It’s definitely a blessing to be affiliated with the best rap group of all time

Wu-International: Outside of Rae, who else within the Wu or wider Killa Beez circle are you close or closely working with?
Stumik: I’m close with Method Man, Ghostface, Inspectah Deck, Cappadonna and U-God.

Wu-International: Let’s talk a bit about you as a solo artist now. You released “Who’s Eating Vol. 1” in 2009. Were you pleased with the sales/reviews it got?
Stumik: I was very pleased with the perception it got but still know that I could do better with marketing myself

Wu-International: Where can fans who’d like to check the mixtape get it from?
Stumik: Chambermusik, Sick O Store, Ebay and the trunk of my car

Wu-International: There were first talks of releasing Vol. 2 in November of last year, that got pushed back to January, then it was announced for March 25th. What caused all these delays?
Stumik: The music just kept getting better and I wanted to put out my best work.

Wu-International: Do you have a release date now?
Stumik: July 25th

Wu-International: We noticed on your Twitter account you asked RZA for help finding a label for the mixtape. One would assume Rae’s Ice H2O label to be the logical candidate for any release from an Ice Water Inc member?

Stumik: Yes but at the time Rae was putting out Cuban Link II and CNN was dropping War Report 2 so I just wanted to drop the mixtape on another label

Wu-International: We noticed on your Twitter account you asked RZA for help finding a label for the mixtape. One would assume Rae’s Ice H2O label to be the logical candidate for any release from an Ice Water Inc member?

Stumik: Yes but at the time Rae was putting out Cuban Link II and CNN was dropping War Report 2 so I just wanted to drop the mixtape on another label

Wu-International: You have more in the pipeline for the fans you told us: the B.O.D. EP (Bars On Deck). Can you give us some more info on this EP please?
Stumik: This is a street album that I’m putting out representing my new movement B.O.D.

Wu-International: Interesting, can you give the fans some more info on this new movement?
Stumik: B.O.D is a movement that consists of a few artists from all over the world, internationally. We got artists from Chicago, Miami and Georgia all the way to Germany, China and Switzerland

Wu-International: When can fans expect to see this EP available?
Stumik: Some time in the Fall of 2011

Wu-International: We also learnt you had a single in China at the moment with Bryan King and Proff. How did that come to be?
Stumik: I met up with a famous entrepreneur named Proff from China who had an artist Bryan King from California. We decided to do a track together called Overseas that we just shot a video for featuring vixen Lia Cha

Wu-International: Nice, can fans check this video online , if so where exactly?
Stumik: The video is still being edited but when it’s done it will be on all major video websites including MTV, HH2C.TV, worldstarhiphop, and Vlad TV.

Wu-International: With all these upcoming releases you must have had your hands full. Fans love the mixtapes and side projects but what they ultimately want to know is when Stumik will be coming out with a full or debut album?
Stumik: I plan on putting out my debut album by next year

Wu-International: If so can you please tell us more about the album as in timeline, working title, features if any and so on?
Stumik: The title of the album will be called Starvation with features from the industries best and upcoming artists.

Wu-International: What is good with the announced Stumik LP produced by Gregory Beats?
Stumik: We are still working on it

Wu-International: PC and DC have the Green Back Gorrillaz side project and are also members of Deck’s House Gang Animals, you were said to be a part of the Staten All Stars project. How did you get involved in this crew?
Stumik: I linked up with some of Staten Island’s best up and coming artists like Fes Taylor, Iron Mic, Flyce the Coroner and Baker Don

Wu-International: Yes, Fes Taylor seems to be the driving force behind this as he was on the largest part of the “Staten All Stars” free download. Can you give us the current line-up please?
Stumik: The current line up consists of myself, Iron Mic, Fes Taylor, DC, PC, Flyce the Coroner, Baker Don, Hue Heff and Judah Priest

Wu-International: How should we envision this crew, is it a collective, a group of artists, a project, what is it?
Stumik: It’s a movement

Wu-International: Will there be a “Staten All Stars” album eventually and if so who’s going to be involved in it?
Stumik: Yes there will be a Staten All Stars album. We’re not sure of the involvement but we do know Chambermusik will definitely be the driving force behind it

Wu-International: To conclude our interview we could perhaps take a look at the music that made you the mc you are today ? Could you perhaps name the top 5 albums that had the biggest impact/influence on you as a rapper?
Stumik: 36 Chambers, Ready to Die, Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt and Hell on Earth

Wu-International: Interesting choice, can you describe how each of those albums influenced you?
Stumik: 36 Chambers inspired me because the Wu are my big brothers. They brought life to Staten Island hip hop giving others a chance, like myself, to get on. Ready to Die influenced me because it changed the fashion of hip hop, it made everybody wanna get fly. Illmatic showed me how to step my story game up. Reasonable Doubt made me wanna get money and Hell on Earth brought the gutter in me out, straight hood shit.

Wu-International: And are there any music genres or artists outside of hip-hop that influenced you as well?
Yes, Michael Jackson of course, he made me wanna be an entertainer. New Edition because they were my sister’s favorite group and that’s all I heard being played in the house. I’m a big reggae fan since I was young, listening to Buju, Shabba Ranks and Supercat and of course Bob Marley. They made me appreciate different cultures of music.

Wu-International: Anything else you would like to share with the fans that have not been covered already? Shout outs?

Stumik: Yes, be on the lookout for the I-90 project with Stumik and The One and Only from Chicago released on Pretty Boy Records Inc. which is ran by KJ. This is an up and coming label who’s about the artist first. As far as shout outs I wanna shout out Wu International, Raekwon the Chef, K Woods, Dom Perrion Woods, Rico Jones, Divine Diggs, Chambermusik, P the Rebel, G-Clef, Marvy, my boy Haph, King Dele, Mex, R.I.P. Megatron and Genice Clark, Free Rated R, Chunky, Flip Style, Billy Pope, Joe Puma, Proff, On Grind Ent., Somolyan gang, Team Napalm, FrontLine Ent., Red Top-Milli Flea, Chip and 8 Gun Droop, Smalls, General, Shady, Philly, Mello, the Ruthless Bastards, all the Staten All Stars, my GBG fam, Pretty Boy Records-The One & Only, KJ and Flip Style, my B.O.D. Movement, my two boys Jahmek and Brandon, my Mom and Pops, my sisters Diamond and Renee, my nephews Scram, Tory, Brandon and Rob, my niece Nakia, my cousins Gregx, Shanice and Peanut. RIP my little cousin Angel.

Thanks for your time and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours.


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