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There are quite a few Killa Bee crews that had dope albums under development, yet who never saw the light of day in terms of an industry release. Some such crews that come to mind are the Beggas, KGB, Soul Kid Klik, Othorized Fam, Royal Fam, Bklyn Zu, Da Manchuz, and the Zu Ninjaz. With the Soul Kid Klik album already out for two years now, and the Royal Fam Black Castle release now being planned, as well as a brand new Bklyn Zu (post O.D.B. album) being recorded this year, Executive Producer Lord Buddha Monk felt it was only right to reveal to the world yet another truly “Hidden Chamber”, as he presents, in collaboration with Chambermusik Special Products, the Zu Ninjaz album, entitled “Now Justice.” Now Justice is like the old “Enter the 36 Chambers” format: a short-to-the-point album, with the emphasis being on rough, rugged, and raw production, based in a Ninja/Martial Arts setting, featuring a lineup of non-stop deadly assasins on the mic. Most of this material was recorded back between 1995-98, and it very clearly has that urgency and roughness of a classic, 5 star Wu-Tang Family album! The members of Zu Ninjaz are K-Blunt, Five Foot Hyper Sniper, Raw, Rambo, Popa Chief, Hook Ninja, Ninja Scroll, Shadeed, Black Lantern, Celo, & D.L. The album is produced by Buddha Monk, Ninja Scroll, Holy, and Kamikaze Productions. Get ready for one of the hardest, most classic Wu-Fam albums ever recorded!

02 – SLICER – Buddha Monk, D.L., Dana, Blunt, Babyface Fensta, & 5 Ft Hyper Sniper
03 – NO RETREAT  – Raw, 5ft Hyper Sniper, Papa Chief
04 – GUNSHOTS – 5 ft Hyper Sniper, K-Blunt
05 – HARD TO DEFEAT  – Hook Ninja, Celo, Raw, Rambo,
06 – SPECIALLY TRAINED NINJA  – K-Blunt, Drunken Dragon, OL’ DIRTY BASTARD, Redz, Black Lantern
07 – BACK OF THE CHURCH  – K-Blunt, Redz, Spiritual Assassin, 5 Ft Hyper sniper
08 – BLAZIN  – Hook Ninja, Buddha Monk, K-Blunt, Celo, Raw, 5ft Hyper Sniper, Papa Chief
09 – NINJITZU  – Raw, Celo, D.L., K-Blunt, 5ft Hyper Sniper,
10 – NINJA HABITAT  – Denise and her hoes, K-Blunt, 5ft Hyper Sniper, Papa Chief

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