Vega X – Tablet of Destiny: Secrets of the MultiVerse LP (CD)



“Tablet of Destiny: Secrets of the Multiverse” LP is the third and final solo project from “VX: Heaven’s Assassin” the founder and owner of Planet X Records. It is also the follow up to “Global Warming: Reign of Terror” LP. The mood is changed stylistically to develop and evolve VX’s spiritual hip-hop style. This is evident in the feature selection which has Sunz of Man member Hell Razah on the lead single “Throne of Blood” who is VX’s mentor. This also solidifies the presentation from PXR & Hell Razah’s imprint Ghetto Government Officialz, of which VX is a member of. This is significant as this track alone & album bring the return of Hell Razah to Hip-hop after his widely publicized aneurysm which is the topic of the upcoming “Rise” Wu-tang documentary. Hell Razah answers the question of whether or not he can still rap once and for all. Also present are original Lost Children of Babylon members Rasul Allah 7 on “The Lost Realms” and Cosmic Crusader on “Rise of the Magi”. Other Wu-tang affiliates featured include M-Eighty of the Almighty, and Judah Priest of Zu Bullies / GGO. Production is largely handled by Amos the Ancient Prophet of LCOB Poland, Mir the Bloody of Portugal and Mac the Rebel of Guerrilla Alliance / PXR. The entire current PXR roster is featured as well including Mac the Rebel, EL*A*KWENTS of the Celestial Order, Alphabetik, and Irrefutable representing PXR Australia. The Album title is a metaphor for both the actual secrets of the multi-layered universe around us, as well as the multi-syllabic rhyme scheme style VX uses hence a “multi-verse”. The concept of the album is based around the lost Ark of the Covenant and “Tablet of Destiny” device said to be inside it. This is said to have many powers and purposes, and also forms a metaphor for mankind itself. The alchemical process of turning lead or other metal to gold versus the metamorphosis of the human being transforming the crown chakra from lead to gold thus enlightening oneself. Open your mind to a true hip-hop experience.

1). Tablet of Destiny (Alpha) Prod. Mac the Rebel
2). The Lost Realms feat. Rasul Allah 7 prod Amos
3). Land of The Guardians feat Macabean & Irrefutable prod. Krohme
4). Black Genesis feat. Judah Priest prod. Mac the Rebel
5). Sol Invictus Prod. Mir the Bloody
6). Rise of the Magi feat. Cosmic Crusader prod. Mac The Rebel
7). Ophiuchus feat. Continuous & Judah Priest prod. Mir The Bloody
8). Asmodeus prod. Mac the Rebel
9). Lords of the Morning Star feat. Alphabetik & EL*A*KWENTS prod Amos
10). Seven Snakes feat. M-Eighty & Lone Ninja Prod. Amos
11). Road to the Underworld prod. Mir The Bloody
12). Secrets of the Multiverse (Omega) Prod. Mir
13). Throne of Blood feat. Hell Razah (Bonus) prod. Mir
14). The Great Rift (Celestial Guerrillas) ft. Irrefutable, El, Mac) prod. Mir The Bloody

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