Lost Children of Babylon – Tower of Babel



The “street album” Tower of Babel was originally released as a free downloadable bonus for those who purchased the L.C.O.B. album Zeitgeist, but here for the first time in retail format Chambermusik presents professionally pressed CD versions of this amazing album. The Philadelphia Hip-Hop Heretics we know and love called The Lost Children of Babylon was originally affiliated with Jedi Mind Tricks, and later expanded into a lyrical army, many of whom are featured on here. Overall, this is a straight banger from start to finish. This is a non stop, ground-and-pound lyrical assault on the status quo, and they are not afraid to offend either, as touchy subjects are explored, and no prisoners are taken. This is Jihad Rap to the fullest! For those listeners tired of the same-ole,same-ole you will love this album, as it combines the best underground sounds of Holycore, Revolution, with a sprinkling of Conspiracy Rap. Featured are Rasul Allah, Richard Raw, Cosmic Crusader, Jon Murdock, Atun Sen Geb, Lex Starwind, and others affiliated emcees.

1. Tower Of Babel Intro (1:41)
2. Four Corners (3:27)
By The Lost Children Of Babylon
3. Jihad Rap (4:03)
By The Lost Children Of Babylon
4. Never Die Remix (4:15)
By The Lost Children Of Babylon
5. Shang Tzu (3:49)
By The Lost Children Of Babylon
6. Slow Night Brings Fire (3:01)
By Foundation/LCOB
7. Dr. King Interlude (0:32) 8. Red Rain (3:29)
By Foundation/LCOB feat. Slaine
9. Othello (3:06) By Foundation/LCOB 10. Myslayic (3:06)
By Foundation/LCOB
11. Rise Of The Machines (3:35)
By The Lost Children Of Babylon
12. The Interview (3:18)
By Foundation/LCOB
13. Caution (2:24)
By Foundation/LCOB
14. The Lions Den (4:35)
By The Lost Children Of Babylon
15. JFK Interlude (0:54)
16. I Can Hear You (3:31)
By Foundation/LCOB
17. Vampire Love (3:54)
By Foundation/LCOB
18. Black Revolution Interlude (0:33)
19. Wastelands (5:28)
By Foundation/LCOB
20. Where I Am (4:37)
By Richard Raw Of LCOB
21. The War Is On (4:37)
By Foundation/LCOB feat. Dynamic G
22. Dr. York Interlude (1:15)
23. Pathways (5:37)
24. Dear Father (4:47)
By Richard Raw Of LCOB
25. Tower Of Babel Outro (0:46)
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Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 5 × 6 × .5 in
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mp3, CD


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