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Veteran emcee from Staten Island, Fes Taylor brings forth his latest street album, letting us know his eye is on a bigger target: Staten Ain’t Big Enough! Featured are Lota Nerv, Agallah, Solomon Childs, Iron Mic, and more. Production is by Cee the Architek, M-Iverson and others.

1. Cash Money (Produced by P Dub)
2. Gone ft. Mic Check and Dro Pesci (Produced by DR. G)
3. Hustle Hard (Produced by The Creator)
4. U Don’t Know Me ft. Agallah (Produced By Anarchy Beatz)
5. Life Goes on ( Produced by Smovemadethis)
6. Ice Cream 2014 ft. Nyce, Lot a Nerv, & Matt Reeves
7. Piano Man ft. Mic Check (Produced by M-iversion)
8. Rise And Grind ft. Pretty Boi Green
9. Still Shinning ft. Dini Dolla (Produced by Zach Taylor)
10. Lights Out ft. Mark Marvel & Baker Don (Produced by T-oh-storm)
11. Life After Wu
12. Church ft. Kay1er & Jah Mu (Produced by The Creator)
13. Rite on Time ft. Baker Don (Produced by Costa Tracks)
14. You Don’t Hear Me Though ft. Lot A Nerv & Apol (produced by M-iverson)
15. Hustle Hard ft. Kay1er, Mic Check & Lot A Nerve (G-Mix Produced by The Creator)
16. Siny City ft. Solomon Childs & Iron Mic (Produced by Cee the Architek)

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