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Due to popular demand, we present the underground hip-hop of the Soul Kid Klik. SKK was a group that was formed by G-Clef da Mad Komposa of Ghetto Philharmonic, a band formerly signed to Tuff City Records. When Jay “Wax” Garfield of the Garfield Brothers met G-Clef while doing some radio shows, G-Clef became managed by what was then known as GZA Entertainment, which was co-owned by Genius from the Wu-Tang Clan. The crew of artists that G-Clef was then producing were known as the Soul Kid Klik, and were soon annexed under the Wu-Tang banner, as a GZA Entertainment act. ….

Although two of these recordings were recorded before 1994, when the SKK was not yet a Wu-Affiliated group, there has existed, for some time, a series of demos and studio recordings that were eventually to be released on Soul Kid Records as a full length album. However, with the collapse of relations between the Garfield Brothers and Genius, as well as internal turmoil within SKK, the group basically was disbanded, with the project left unfinished. Several ex-members of this now legendary group still work together and speak, but there, at this time, no discussions of any new material from the group as a whole. Here, now, for the first time, is the most complete representation of the album material. Enjoy.

photo by Jay Garfield
© 2002 Yalloppin Entertainment/Soulkid Records – YSKR-101

1. Mortal Combat (2002 Edit)
(Performed by DJ Spinbad, G-Clef, Blakspik, Infamous, Storm Da Ghetto Mutant, Goodfella Mike G, and Malik Quahaar Ali)
(Produced by G-Clef)

2. Desperate Times (2002 Edit)
(Performed by Skinslaya, Blakspik, Infamous, Storm Da Ghetto Mutant, and G-Clef)
(Produced by G-Clef)

3. Interlude / I Want Him Dead
(Performed by Blakspik, G-Clef, Infamous, and Goodfella Mike G)
(Produced by G-Clef)

4. Interlude / Masters of the Game
(Performed by Goodfella Mike G, Infamous, Storm Da Ghetto Mutant, G-Clef, and Blakspik)
(Produced by G-Clef)

5. Interlude / The Demon
(Performed by Malik Quahaar Ali)
(Produced by Malik Quahaar Ali)

6. Interlude / Spark Da Mic
(Performed by G-Clef, Infamous, Blakspik, Goodfella Mike G, and Storm Da Ghetto Mutant)
(Produced by G-Clef)

7. Cop-n-Go (2002 Edit)
(Performed by Blakspik, and G-Clef)
(Produced by G-Clef)

8. You Don’t Know Me (2002 Edit)
(Performed by Infamous, Blakspik, and Malik Quahaar Ali)
(Produced by G-Clef, and Malik Quahaar Ali)

9. Interlude / U-N-I Verse
(Performed by G-Clef, Storm Da Ghetto Mutant, and Weldon Irvine)
(Produced by G-Clef)

10. What Is The Essence of a Soul Kid?
(Performed by Infamous, DJ Spinbad, G-Clef, Blakspik, and *Quayshaun)
(Produced by G-Clef)

11. Mortal Combat (2002 Remix)
(Performed by G-Clef, Blakspik, Infamous, Storm Da Ghetto Mutant, and Goodfella Mike G)
(Produced by G-Clef)

12. Desperate Times (2002 Remix)
(Performed by Goodfella Mike G, Skinslaya, Infamous, G-Clef, and Blakspik)
(Produced by G-Clef)

13. SKK Radio Promo Cypher
(Performed by Goodfella Mike G, G-Clef, Infamous, and Storm Da Ghetto Mutant)
(Produced by G-Clef)

14. Trapped Inside A Bubble
(Performed by Blackspik)
(Produced by G-Clef)

15. Mortal Combat (Unreleased Verse)
(Performed by Necro)
(Produced by G-Clef)

16. Ending: MK3
(Produced by G-Clef)

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