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Meyhem Lauren is a legendary streetwise emcee affiliated with the Lo-Life crew out of NYC. Self Induced Illness is two disc collection of works which consists of unreleased Meyhem songs featuring J-Love, Killa Sha, Thirstin Howl III, Action Bronson, Gab Gatcha, Roc Marciano, The Outdoorsmen, Timeless Truth, and more. Featured producers on this glorious venture include Domingo, J-Love, PF Cuttin, N. Plated, Thorotracks , R. Thentic, Shakim Allah, Anger Bangers, Terminill, Bluntologist, Tyme, and Artoffical. Other contributions include scratches by Supa Dave and Just Blaze. This is a Double CD.

Disc 1:
1. Divine Introduction (Produced By: Max Vargas)
2. Haywood featuring J-Love (Produced By: J-Love)
3. Cash Is King (Produced By: Shakim Allah)
4. Analyze The Elements featuring J-Love (Produced By: Whyz Ruler
5. Wack Rap Niggas (Produced By: J-Love)
6. Steak With A Glass Of Red (Produced By: Born Divine)
7. Barbaric Madness featuring Victorious; Whyz Ruler; Thirstin Howl III (Produced By: Whyz Ruler)
8. Heavy Cream (Produced By: Artofficial)
9. What Kind Of Life (Produced By: Blunt)
10. Typhoon Rap featuring Action Bronson (Produced By: Metaphysics)
11. Got The Fever (Produced By: Ice Rocks DXA)
12. 7000 Thoughts (Produced By: Jewels Polaar)
13. Bout To Win Again (Produced By: Big ES)
14. Outdoorsmen Intervention featuring A.G. The Coroner; Take-It; Killa Sha; J-Love; Science; Prince (Produced By: Domingo)
15. New York Where You At?! (Produced By: PF Cuttin)
16. Still Golden (Produced By: Jewels Polaar)
17. Ain’t It Funky featuring Science (Produced By: Thorotracks)
18. The Geneva Conference featuring Bags; Action Bronson; Science; Animal; Jay Steele (Produced By: Whyz Ruler)
19. Just Can’t Win (Produced By: Nickel Plated)
20. Murder At 1600 featuring Bags; Science (Produced By: Thorotracks)
21. Close Call (Produced By: Thorotracks)
22. Swiss Alps featuring Action Bronson (Produced By: Thorotracks)
23. Crossroads featuring Roc Marciano (of U.N.) (Produced By: Anabolic)
24. Lost Souls (Produced By: Jewels Polaar)

Disc 2:
1. Live Shit (Produced By: J-Love)
2. Day After Day featuring Gab Gotcha; Action Bronson,
Animal (Produced By: Nickel Plated)
3. Verbal Snapshots (Produced By: Anabolic)
4. Clockwork (Produced By: Thorotracks)
5. Another Hustle (Produced By: J-Love)
6. Respect My Honesty (Produced By: Max Vargas)
7. Hennessy featuring J-Love (Produced By: Shang Tsung)
8. Terminal Illness featuring A.G. The Coroner (Produced By: TerminILL)
9. Gunslinger (Produced By: Shakim Allah)
10. Amigo aka We Stole Fire featuring Animal (Produced By: Shakim Allah)
11. Got The Recipe featuring Action Bronson (Produced By: Blunt)
12. Queens (Produced By: J-Love)
13. Classic Material (Produced By: PF Cuttin)
14. Makin’ Stacks (Produced By: J-Love)
15. They Scared (Produced By: J-Love)
16. Bangathon Park (Produced By: Jewels Polaar)
17. Guidance (Produced By: PF Cuttin)

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