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The Prequel is spiritual Hip Hop at it’s finest. This is King David Son’s 4th solo album and he couldn’t be better. The Prequel deals with the primordial origins of creation, vast African history and mystery (My Story) Mysticism.

Along with features from his CO (Cosmic Originees) camp and Lost Children of Babylon leader Rasul Allah 7 and Dylan James and production by the Anno Domini Nation, King David Son gives you the essence of Hip Hop at it’s finest.


. Orion Empire  Production by Oskar Mike

2. Black Hole  Production by Screwholic

3. Djedi Technique  Production by Oskar Mike

4. Intro by Mama Solomon

5. We Are Gods  Production by Anno Domini (Adrian Boeckler)

6. Meteorite  Production by 2 Deep

7. Staircase Kids featuring Ill Bomber and Chaz the Archangel  Production by  2Deep

8. Nilotic  Production by Scarebeatz

9. Emerald Grids featuring Lionhead  Production by Epistra

10. Solar Showers  Production by Systhesis

11. Carbonated Beings  Production by 2 Deep

12. Skit

13. Dart Throwers featuring Carpedium  Production by Oskar Mike

14. Lavender by Scarebeatz

15. Skit

16. Lotus Tree  Production by Scarebeatz

17. Prism  Production by 2 Deep

18. Opener of the Book  Production by Dansonn

19. Skit

20. Atlan-Tis featuring Rasul Allah 7 of Lost Children Of Babylon Production by Systhesis

21. Blacksmiths  featuring Dylan James (LCOB) and Motown  Production by Anno Domini (Adrian Boeckler)

22. Regain Your Throne  Production by Systhesis

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