Fes Taylor/Two 4 War – Innocent Till Proven Guilty




Two 4 War family members Specs and Prez are currently locked down. Proceeds for this album are being saved for them, so if you support the Two 4 War Movement, you know what to do family! Featuring Fes Taylor, Specs, G-Roc, Izzy Workin, Shadow Government, LIS, and others down with the Two 4 War Movement. Most of the production on this great compilation is done by the legendary Shaolin Beatmaster, Fanton of the Beats, as well as additional production work by BP.

1. Intro
2. Run this Town
3. Good Morning America
4. Move Girl
5. I Still Love You
6. Straight Bussiness
7. It’s Specs
8. She Get’s a Ten
9. Grind Out
10. Why
11. Specman Live From County Jail
12. Primo Freestyle
13. Fallen Out of Heaven
14. I Rather Be Wit You 
15. Pop Off
16. Since I’ve Been Gone
17. Where Will I Go
18. Primo Freestyle
19. Primo and G-Roc Freestyle
20. Every Single Word
21. Primo
22. Outro Specs County Jail

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Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 5 × 6 × .5 in
Media Type

mp3, CD


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