Holocaust/Warcloud ft. Pro the Leader – Back at Pro’s Lab




“Back at Pro’s Lab” features the great era (2001-2006) of Wu-Tang affiliated emcee Holocaust/Warcloud, who has become a cult figure among fans world-wide, accompanied by his young foil and protege, Pro the Leader, back then known as The Professional.  These are legendary archival recordings from the turn of the milennium, never before released via retail distribution, including 3 songs never before heard. Most of the album is produced by Skarekrow, like most of the classic music Warcloud has become known for.

1. Disaster Area (2001) ft. Anti The Decimator and Sobretti  (Produced By: Warcloud)

2. Cyber Tropic Murder Raps (2001) ft. Anti The Decimator and Sobretti (Produced By: Warcloud and Skarekrow)

3. Old Gator Men (2001) ft. Anti The Decimator and Sobretti (Produced By: Warcloud and The Professional)

4. My Rhyme (2005) (Produced By: Gneticz)

5. Door Gunner (2005) ft. nu3tron  (Produced By: Gneticz)

6. You Have No Friends (2005) + (Produced By: Gneticz)

7. Tracklist (2006) (Produced By: Gneticz)

8. Mega Ultra Raw (2006) (Produced By: Dopevisionz)

9. Crash Course (2005) ft. Jule Unique (Produced By: Skarekrow)

10. Marvel (2005) (Produced By: The Professional)

11. Rumors Of Wars (2002) (Produced By: Skarekrow)

12. Harmonica (2002) ft. Vulgar (Produced By: Skarekrow)

13. Massacre Junction (2002) ft. Vulgar and Anti The Decimator (Produced by: Skarekrow)

14. Welcome To Alcatraz (2003) + (Produced By: Skarekrow)

15. Off The Top (2003) + (Produced By: Skarekrow)

+ previously unreleased

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