Morbid Society – Hell Has a Face



Horrorcore is still a bubbling, under-promoted market, but Chambermusik Fans can’t get enough of it. Hell has a face and it ain’t nothing sweet as Wu-Fam legend Dungeon Masta gives shine to many underground artists as well as unleashing some of Professor X’s last recordings, featuring Sean Price, Dungeon Masta, Blu Wise, Killa Priest, and many others. Welcome to the Morbid Society, Hell Has a Face.

1. Da Gathering– Anubis Da Jackel ( Proffessor X )
Ft Da Late Kidco and Killah Priest
Produced by Px and Kidco
2. Da Horror– Repnosis ft. L-Jay
Produced by Repnosis
3.Dizy – Blu Wise
Produced by Blu Wise
4. Da Roachez – Produced by Rugz
5. Six Feet Under – Da Rodentz ft. Graveyardshifter
Produced by Da Rodentz
6. Thangz Com Out – Dungeon Masta
Produced by Cno Evil
7. Get Down – L.A.W.
Produced by Law and Planet 12
8. Guilty Souljah – Ern Dawgy
Produced by Ern Dawgy
9. Du Nouveau dans Le Paysage – Law 47
Produced by Law 47
10. Ohh Lawd – Akshan
Produced by Nikai Palmer
11. Student of Battle – Graveyard Shifter and Deadly Keyz
Produced by Grandmassive
12. ROTR – Levi
Produced by Levi
13. High as Can Be – Realms of Reality
Produced by Realms of Reality
14. Talez of New York – Mayja League
Produced by Mayja League
15. 24 Hour Reply – Sen City
Produced by Malice
16. Jackel Jump – Anubis Da Jackel (Professor X)
ft. Sean Price and Nardo Ranks
Produced by Pf Cuttin and Px
17. Fantasy – Blu wise
Produced by Blu Wise
18. My Middle Finger – Shaymin
Produced by Shaymin
19. Scar Da Wallz – Oktake
Produced By Oktane
20. Cut You – Graveyard Shifter
Produced by Grandmassive
21. Casket Dip – Realms of Reality
Produced by Realms of Reality
22. Slap Diamonds – Da Roachez
Produced By Rugz


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Dimensions 5 × 6 × .5 in
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mp3, CD


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