G-Clef da Mad Komposa – G-Clef’s Drama Breaks, Volume 2




The mysterious lost G-Clef Breaks produced and komposed by G-Clef between 1998-2010, G-Clef’s Drama Breaks Volume 2 is the long-awaited follow-up to the popular G-Clef’s Drama Breaks Volume 1, which was originally released in 2004. Here is, for the first time, are a further collection of slightly more recent beats and grooves by the master of the “live loop”, G-Clef himself, of Soul Kid Klik and Ghetto Philharmonic fame. This is a collection of never before released instrumentals, that have never been used by any artists. These beats utilize a combination of rare samples and live instrumentation by the hand of G-Clef himself. So, here, after a thirteen year wait, comes more Drama Breaks.

1. Longing (5:27)
2. Desert Wanderer (2:20)
3. Back in the Day (I See You) (2:42)
4. In The Order of the Temple (4:21)
5. Siken Windhound Rescue (1:50)
6. Karate (3:45)
7. Danse of the Lotus Hoppers (4:21)
8. Suspension of Disbelief (4:06)
9. Bloodfire (3:51)
10. Stained with the Horror (4:18)
11. Diversify Yo Bonds (4:08)
12. Ancestral Celestial Pride (3:26)
13. One (2:37)
14. Prince of Darkness (3:44)

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