Dylan James – Sins of the Unforgiven (ft. Rasul Allah 7)




Dylan James is an emcee from Denver Colorado. His Sins of the Unforgiven is an underground album about the truth to help people open their eyes about worldly events and being spiritual. Presented by The Lost Children of Babylon, Rasul Allah 7 appears on all tracks on the album, as well as guest spots by L.C.O.B alumnus Lex Starwind & Jon Murdock. Canibus and J-Roll also put in noteworthy appearances. C-Lance, Pete de Boer, and Jason Sutter produced the project.

Dylan Jame (ft. Rasul Allah 7)

1. Sins of the Unforgiven feat. Canibus

2. Gods of the Astral Planes

3. Ancient Temples

4. Crossroads feat. Lex Starwind

5. Spiritual War Stories

6. Prisoners World

7. Shamans

8. Absolute Power feat. Jon Murdock

9. Geometry

10. Illusions feat. J-Roll

11. As It Was Written

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