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The Washingtonians is essentially known as the original name of Duke Ellington’s band, before they migrated to New York City in 1923. The group actually evolved from a band that was led by banjoist Elmer Snowden, which included Ellington’s Washington D.C. crew of saxophonist Otto Hardwick and trumpeter Arthur Whetsol. Before moving to New York, the band would often be booked in D.C. and in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The way the stories go, Snowden was ripping off the band members and took work with the Broadway Jones Band, and Ellington became the leader. Even when Snowden returned later that year, Duke remained in charge, and the band was forever to be his. The band earned a residence at the Hollywood Club (later the Kentucky Club), from 1923 until 1927. However, once the band moved to the Cotton Club in 1927, the name “Washingtonians” was dropped and seldom used again. On this album, we present the totality of the recordings by Duke Ellington during his “Washingtonian” period.


1. Duke Ellington – Jig Walk (Ellington) (2:14)

2. Alberta Prime – It’s Gonna Be A Cold Cold Winter (Joe Trent/Porter Granger)(2:52)

3. Alberta Prime – Parlor Social De Luxe (Ellington/Jo Trent/Irving Mills)(3:06)

4. The Washingtonians – Choo Choo (Bob Schafer/Ellington/Dave Ringle)(3:06)

5. The Washingtonians – Rainy Nights (Ellington/Jo Trent)(3:13)

6. Joe Trent And The Deacons – Deacon Jazz (Ellington)(3:01)

7. Sonny And The Deacons – Oh How I Love My Darling (Ellington)(2:48)

8. The Washingtonians – I’m Gonna Hang Around My Sugar (Jack Palmer/Spencer Williams)(2:57)

9. The Washingtonians – Trombone Blues (Teddy Nixon/Spencer Williams)(2:57)

10. The Washingtonians- Georgia Grind (Teddy Nixon/Spencer Williams)(2:42)

11. The Washingtonians – Parlor Social Stomp (Duke Ellington)(3:08)

12. Alberta Jones With The Ellington Twins – Lucky Number Blues (Duke Ellington)(3:00)

13. Alberta Jones With The Ellington Twins – I’m Gonna Put You Right In Jail (Duke Ellington)(2:56)

14. Evelyn Preer – If You Can’t Hold The Man You Love (Irving Kahal/Sammy Fain)(2:44)



Track 1: Duke Ellington (solo piano roll) recorded 1925

Track 2,3: Alberta Prime (vocal), Duke Ellington (piano) New York, November 1924

Track 4,5: Bubber Miley (trumpet), Charlie Irvis (trombone), Otto Hardwick (alto sax), Fred Guy (banjo), Duke Ellington (piano), Sonny Greer (drums)New York, November 1924

Track 6: Jo Trent (vocals), Duke Ellington (piano), Otto Hardwick (alto sax), Fred Guy (banjo), Sonny Greer (drums) New York, November 1924

Track 7: Sonny Greer (vocals), Duke Ellington (piano), Otto Hardwick (alto sax), Fred Guy (banjo) New York, November 1924

Track 8,9: Pike Davis (trumpet), Charlie Irvis (trombone), Prince Robinson (tenor sax, clarinet), Otto Hardwick (alto sax, baritone sax), Duke Ellington (piano), Fred Guy (banjo), Bass Edwards (tuba) New York, September, 1925

Track 10,11: Harry Cooper, Leroy Rutledge (trumpet), Charlie Irvis (trombone), Otto Hardwick (alto sax, baritone sax), Don Redman (alto sax, clarinet), Duke Ellington (piano), Fred Guy (banjo), Bass Edwards (tuba), Sonny Greer (drums), New York, March, 1926

Track 12,13: Alberta Jones (vocals), Otto Hardwick (alto sax), Duke Ellington (piano) New York, October 10, 1926

Track 14: Evelyn Preer (vocals), Bubber Miley (trumpet), Rudy Jackson (clarinet, tenor sax), Otto Hardwick (alto sax, violin), Duke Ellington (piano, Sonny Greer (drums) New York, January 10, 1927

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