Hell Razah – Digital Dope




A Classic in musical drug trade from Hell Razah (Sunz of Man/THUG Angelz). Featured on this street album are RZA, Grym Reaper (Poetic), Prodigal Sunn, Killah Priest, Lazarus, Midaz, Ras Kass, Timbo King, Beenie Man, 4-Ize, & Psycho Les. A combination of original and industry tracks, including production by 4th Disciple, Godz Wrath, MF DOOM, Rated R, L.E.S., Smokeshop, and Get Large Productions.


(now in full jewel case)

1. Digital Dope (Produced by DJ Rated R)
2. Over Dosage
3. Project Jazz (Produced by MF DOOM)
4. Who Gonna Die Next (Produced by 4th Disciple)
5. Black Kingz (exclusive)
6. Burning Bushes
7. G.L.O.W (Produced by 4th Disciple)
8. It Iz What It Iz
9. Wake Up Show – RZA, Grym Reaper, Prodigal Sunn (Freestyle)
10. Repentance Day – Killa Priest, Grym Reaper
11. Runaway Sambo (Produced by Smokeshop)
12. Rebel Music (Produced by Get Large Prod)
13. Lazarus Risen – featuring Lazarus (Ghetto Govt)
14. Wanted Dead or Alive 2008
15. Written In Blood (Exclusive) Prodigal Sunn and Midaz
16. Musical Murder – Ras Kass (Produced by Godz Wrath)
17. Black House (Exclusive) Timbo King
18. Make Me Better (Freestyle) Timbo King
19. Street Scholars (Exclusive) Timbo King
20. Razah’s Ladder (Freestyle)
21. Bloody Choices – Prodigal Sunn (Produced by 4th Disciple)
22. Way of Life – (Produced by 4th Disciple)
23. Chapters (Exclusive) Sunz of Man
24. Shining Star (Remix) Beenie Man (Produced by L.E.S.)
25. Baby Girl (Produced by 4th Disciple)
26. Angel Tears (Produced by 4th Disciple)
27. Hallow be Thy Name (Exclusive) 4-Ize, Psycho Le

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Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 5 × 6 × .5 in
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mp3, CD


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