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Since 2004, Chambermusik has been availing well-known underground hip-hop artists to our distribution network. With our new business model, Chambermusik Net 50, we are now extending our network to be available to all artists for just a modest setup fee of $50. Our goal has always been to help the independent artist to get their music out there in a professional yet affordable manner. Chambermusik wants you to make a profit, no matter how many units you sell. We know what it takes to get that done, and we now welcome you all to draw from the well! This is our basic, tier one model.

Here are some of the details:

1) You set your own price! (for the Chambermusik Store. Outside digital vendors generally set their own prices)
2) Our deal is non-exclusive (means we handle digital and a few physical outlets, but you can still sell to local stores or on your site, etc)
3) We press physical units for you at a chargeback rate of $2 a unit, and you don’t have to pay upfront, it’s built into the price!
4) One time $50 expenses are mutually agreed upon, no surprises, unless we decide together to spend on something.
6) We can design professional looking cover art for only $75, standard jewel, front/back/cd-face. (if you want more than that done, rates are still affordable.)
7) The term Net 50 is pretty standard nowadays for indie distribution, and means we split the profits in half with you after expenses.
8) We take absolutely no publishing nor writers rights, nor any rights to your master, and you get paid performance royalties directly from ASCAP or BMI.
9) You get the option to have the official “Chambermusik Special Products” logo on your jacket, which automatically gives you in a serious brand/network cosign.
10) If we feel you can sell more than the average artist, we may kick you upstairs to Tier 2, which adds full retail physical distribution.
11) We provide you with a free barcode (most venues today will not even sell your product without one!)

What we need from you to get started:

Order your setup now. Once we receive your order, we will email you a short digitally signed agreement that you can sign right on your computer or mobile device. No printouts, no mailing in contracts! In the meantime, get your assets ready. We will need all of the below for your street date to be assigned:

1) A High Resolution jpeg of your front cover (1500 x 1500 dpi, RGB colors) (for digital distribution)
2) All artwork, preferably in psd format, or high resolution jpeg format. (if we are pressing CDs for you)
3) A paragraph describing your album.
4) A track list (text file) with titles, features, writers, with production credits on bottom of list.
5) Audio in WAV format, 44000, 16 bit. If you need mastering let us know, we can do it for a reasonable rate! Otherwise these should be mastered and ready to distribute.
for more info you contact us at [email protected] .


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