Chambermusik Freestyles, Vol 1



A Collection of all the best Freestyles performed in-studio by all of Chambermusik Radio’s various guest artists.

1. 12 0’Clock (Brooklyn Zu)
2. 60 Second Assassin (Sunz of Man)
3. Armel (Ancient Coins)
4. Black Jesus (Harlem 6)
5. Yung Budd (Hump Squad) / Infamous Mr. Savage (Soul Kid Klik)
6. Buddha Monk (Brooklyn Zu)
7. Chapel (Team Napalm)
8. D the Dragon
9. Divine
10. Dom Pachino (Killarmy)
11. JoJo Pellegrino
12. Dungeon Masta (United Kingdom)
13. Islord (Killarmy)
14. King Just (Shaolin Soldiers)
15. Main Flow (Mood)
16. Solomon Childs
17. Storm da Ghetto Mutuant (Soul Kid Klik)
18. Untouchable Soldiers
19. Zu Ninjaz
20. Hillside Scramblers (Dezert Eagle, Inf Black & Leathafase)
21. Fes Taylor (Two 4 War)
22. Spiritual Assassin (G-Note$ of Da Manchuz)
23. Sav Killz
24. Byata
25. Metatron (Lost Secret)
Blue Raspberry

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