Bedlam Brethren – Black Feather Messengers


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Bedlam Brethren. The Brotherhood of the Misunderstood. The Brethren is a synthesis of opposing forces: chaos (bedlam) and order (brethren). This trio consisting of two emcees and one producer forged their distinct sound in the depths of poetic darkness. Harlem, NYC’s own Udi the Erratic Assassin (after a string of underground iTunes hits with artists such as Timbo King,
1. St. Mary of Bethlehem (Intro) 1:37
2. Black Feather Messengers 2:56
3. Zip Gun 2:39
4. Kevlaar Vest F/ Kevlaar 7 4:21
5. Chaotic Visions (Skit) 1:02
6. The Fallen F/ Chief Kamachi 4:04
7. A Murder of Crows 3:13
8. Consado (Skit) 2:44
9. Stairway to Bedlam F/ Thirstin Howl the 3rd 4:18
10. Supernova Architects 2:48
11. Bedlam World (Skit) 1:17
12. Genocidal Genesis F/ Verbal Godz 3:36
13. Purgatory Article 3:46
14. Apocalypto F/ C-Rayz Walz 4:03

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