Armel & Recka – Hoodtrepeneurs Vol. 1



Another street banger straight from the BK, brought to you by Armel & Recka of Ancient Coins fame. Wanna know whats hot in the Brooklyn Streets? Get this mixtape now and find out fam! Featuring: Armel, Recka, Bugs Kal, Fire, Sway, Hellrazah, Sage, Timbo King, 20.20, Rumble B, Loone, Jus, Realz, Nikki, I.Z., Puggy Pee.


1. Brooklyn (Fire)
2. Pain (Sage)
3. Give me the Strength (Rumble B)
4. Circles (Razah)
5. You Miss (Recka & Got Flow)
6. Girl (20.20)
7. Time (I.Z)
8. I Don’t Know (Recka)
9. Long Time Comin’ (Recka)
10. Special (Recka & Armel)
11. Dedicated (20.20)
12. Troy Ave (Sway)
13. BK Stand Up (Sage)
14. Like That (Bugs Cal, Recka, &Jus)
15. Come From (20.20 & Recka)
16. Siffer (Bugs Kal, Recka, Nik, & Jus)
17. Crack Bugs (Bugs Kal)
18. Take Your Time (Razah)
19. Hood (Bugs Kal, Recka, Pug, Realz, Jus)
20. Flames (Rumble B)
21. What to Do (Loone)
22. Make Money (Recka)
23. Get U Touched (Bugs Kal)
24. Who Run Shit? (Bugs Kal)
25. Boom Treez (Bugs Kal)
26. Here I Go (I.Z)
27. Last Night (Timbo King)
28. I Stack (Loone)
29. Hip-Hop (Recka)

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Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 5 × 6 × .5 in


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