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In 1992, Tuff City Records signed Ghetto Philharmonic, the premier jazz-meets-rap crew, the true innovators of the whole soon to be jazz/rap movement eventually associated with A Tribe Called Quest, US2, Digable Planets, and Brand New Heavies. However GP had a difference in that the emcees and producers were not only B-Boys who stayed true to the art, but accomplished jazz musicians as well. After performing at the 1993 New Music Seminar, just about every major label got a taste of the future, and soon scrambled to develop “similar” acts. By the time their album, “Hip-Hop Be-Bop” was finally released in 1994 after considerable delay, Tuff City had missed the boat. Here now, for the first time since 1994, are the alternate masters, digital remasterings, and shelved songs: the definitive recordings of Ghetto Philharmonic.

Yalloppin Entertainment/Soulkid Records

Ghetto Philharmonic is:
G-Clef da Mad Komposa: raps, alto sax, ASR-10 beats
B-Natural aka The Sledge: vocals, trumpet
DJ Spinbad: turntables

Executive Producer: G-Clef da Mad Komposa

copyright 2004 Yalloppin Entertainment

recorded at various Studios, 1992-94


1. Rhythm That We Give ‘Em
(Performed by G-Clef)
(Produced by G-Clef)

2. Don’t Bite The Concept
(Performed by G-Clef)
(Produced by G-Clef)

3. R.U.A. Soul Kid?
(Performed by G-Clef)
(Produced by G-Clef)

4. Sledge
(Performed by G-Clef)
(Produced by G-Clef)

5. Buss This
(Performed by G-Clef and DJ Slynke)
(Produced by G-Clef)

6. Gassmaster
(Performed by G-Clef, B-Natural, Blakspik, and Quayshaun)
(Produced by G-Clef)

7. The Man With The Gift of Heft
(Performed by G-Clef)
(Produced by G-Clef)

8. Something 2 Funk About
(Performed by G-Clef)
(Produced by G-Clef, and *The Flux)

9. Back 2 The Flux
Produced by The Flux)

10. Intermission
(Performed byPeter Bernstien)
(Produced by G-Clef)

11. Caucasoid
(Performed by G-Clef, Blakspik, Weldon Irvine)
(Produced by G-Clef)

12. Don’t Bite The Concept ’94
(Performed by G-Clef)
(Produced by G-Clef)

13. G-Clef’s Concerto
(Produced by The Flux)

14. Swing
(Performed by G-Clef)
(Produced by G-Clef)

15. Who’s The Wrecker?
(Performed by G-Clef)
(Produced by G-Clef)

16. World of Sound *
(Performed by G-Clef, Weldon Irvine)
(Produced by G-Clef)

17. Smack Attack *
(Performed by G-Clef)
(Produced by G-Clef)

18. Gassmaster (original) *
(Performed by G-Clef, Flux, Blitz, Quayshaun)
(Produced by G-Clef)

19. Funky Vendetta *
(Performed by G-Clef)
(Produced by G-Clef)

* previously unreleased

Additional information

Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 5 × 6 × .5 in
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mp3, CD


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