The long-awaited new offical album by the Lost Children of Babylon ‘Zeitgeist: The Spirit of the Age’ is now available in professionaly manufactured CD format and vinyl in stores worldwide. You can get the CD version for $12 right here. It comes with a bonus DVD containing entire Zeitgeist movie, trailer and streamable ‘Tower of Babel’ mixtape. Package also includes; instrumental album download card, ‘Tower of Babel’ mixtape download card and full six panel foldout artworks.

01 The Great Depression (feat. Cosmic Crusader, Atun Sen Geb & Rasul Allah)

02 Allah One Mind (feat. Rasul Allah, Lex Starwind, Atun Sen Geb & Richard Raw)

03 Men Behind The Curtain (feat. Tragic Allies, Jon Murdock & Rasul Allah)

04 Skull & Bones (feat. Rasul Allah, Jon Murdock, Lex Starwind & Cosmic Crusader)

05 Babylon AD (feat. Rasul Allah, Vengeance, Lex Starwind, Atun Sen Geb, Jon Murdock, Richard Raw & Cosmic Crusader)

06 Illuminazi (feat. Rasul Allah, Cosmic Crusader & Lex Starwind)

07 Beware the Zeitgeist (feat. Cosmic Crusader, Lex Starwind, Jon Murdock & Rasul Allah)

08 Esoteric Agenda (feat. Atun Sen Geb, Cosmic Crusader & Rasul Allah)

09 Martial Law (feat. Rasul Allah, Jon Murdock, Lex Starwind, Atun Sen Geb & Cosmic Crusader)

10 Drug Wars (feat. Tragic Allies, Cosmic Crusader & Rasul Allah)

11 Shadow Government (feat. Rasul Allah, Lex Starwind, Cosmic Crusader, Jon Murdock & Atun Sen Geb)

12 Fabled Enemies (feat. Lex Starwind, Rasul Allah, Jon Murdock & Cosmic Crusader)

13 The Venus Project (feat. Rasul Allah, Cosmic Crusader, Atun Sen Geb & Emily Clibourn)

14 Revolution In Now (feat. Rasul Allah, Richard Raw & Cosmic Crusader)

15 2012 [The Mayan Factor] (feat. Rasul Allah, Atun Sen Geb & Cosmic Crusader)

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